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Founding date 2nd of April, 2017
Goal Fellowship Role-Play
Main area of operations All over Middle-Earth
Kinship type Man



Servants of Angmar, Blackwolds,

Kinship status Active
Recruiting Officer(s)

Laynia, ((Sardan is currently not avaiable.))


Before you is a laidback & community driven role-play kinship. We strive to create a easygoing environment and provide interesting role-play to distract you with. Our key focus however is to harbor a friendly bunch willing to craft for each other, quest and explore together.


We are a close-knit and heavy roleplay guild that provides the experience of a adventuring fellowship. We aim to provide an immersive, lore-friendly environment for roleplay to flourish. We do our best to include anyone and everyone into the storylines and plots, and welcome participation in any events we may be hosting. There are very few restrictions based upon race or class, but there are some niche rules and guidelines to understand.


First and foremost, we prefer to be on the road than idling in city taverns. Although members are free to role-play as they see fit, our primary focus will be on role-play outside city walls and out in the world. There will, however, be moments where we will rest in towns & cities, such as Rivendell and Bree to name a few.


One of the many ways we hope to provide a unique role-play experience is we have specific "rules" to help enhance the immersion of our role-play be it through social or on our personal quests with each other. Here are some of the most important ones:


  • We are always around the same level. (Purchase of a XP-Disabler from the LOTRO ingame Store will keep you from outleveling the content if you are a busy crafter or like to deed! This is too keep our travels challenging while out.)


  • We role-play alongside the epic storyline. (Bear in mind you're not allowed to speak directly about any of it outside the group in-character. This part of our RP is more or less private and is used as the incentive for our travels)


  • Our kinship is only six members. (This is due to the fellowship limit in-game but also because it helps keep the group condensed - Recruitment will open again when slots are freed. This may be subject to change overtime.)


Kinship-project is still in planning! I need you, your ideas and your help to make this happen!

If you're interested in joining us, please send a message to Laynia here on the forums and apply on the website.


Edmand Edmand Greyleaf Man
Laynia Laynia 'Lana' Man
Sardan Sardan II Man

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