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Sardan II


Herald of Gondor

ResidenceGondor, Belfalas.


Outward Appearance

Before you stands a Man with a posture reflecting his discipline and mannerisms. Sardan takes in the strong features running in the ancient Númenor blood of his people. He boasts a  muscled build honed from his life in servitude to his realm and Steward of Gondor, his early life's instruction at metalwork, and his long travels throughout Eriador. Sardan's shoulders sit broadly upon his frame. His hawk-like features run together with strong facial features, set with a broad jaw, large and crooked nose, and sapphire blue eyes that speak of sadness in his past.


His features are set with a full beard, often maintained reasonably. Atop his head is a mass of raven black hair, long and mounted in a tail behind Sardan's head. Sitting in their sockets are two eyes with all the hues and wisdom of the noble land that is his home. Upon this form run several scars, suggesting to the dangers a Gondorian may withstand. All the while his imposing nature is backed by a fire in his eyes, and his voice beckons deep with the strength of the West.


"Men and women from every corner of this earth, barbarians and knights, commoners and kings... Men and Elves sacrificed everything to stem the tide of darkness... and prevailed."

It was a hot day in the misty glens of the area known as Dol Amroth, in the southern reaches of Gondor where the wilds were beautiful and aptly named. The sky breathed mists from the high reaches down into the valleys where great barrows were raised over the fields of war and battles, and where a noble people made it their home. A city of wisdom and beauty. 

But here the blood is strong. A Man of Gondor, a true reflection of his lineage, descending from the High Men of Arnor. His travels through numerous different regions, a strong figure bearing the strength of his people with him.

Nevertheless, in times of old, when all Men knew their blood, the reputation that this family possessed was not one to be easily missed to those of Arnor. Taken from a great warrior, lost to time whose bravery came from that very ruined kingdom. It is unknown whether the soul was man or woman, whether the first of the line was among those at the plains of Daglorad who fought gloriously, or among those who beheld the Storm of the Witch King; these details were lost to time, but still his ancestors did great honors to ensure, that their line had survived from those early days.

With honors tying them to Gondor, and away from their fallen brothers. They did so where the mountains stretched into steep valleys, whose strong rain currents ran through the mountains, and grew to feed the sea that caress its walls. From this high place the city looked down upon the barrows raised in the distance to honor their heroes and those of distant lands.  To look further up the mountain, they could be humbled by the sight of their ancestors, a great remnant of Elendil's sacrifice.

It was in this place, the castle of Dol Amroth, that one would be born and raised, one with a mind honed by elders, and with a heart strengthened by steel. It was the birthplace of Sardan.


Laynia, Arathir, Saelromdir, Milner Hayewood




Servants of Angmar, The Enemy, Blackwolds


Cheese, wine and good spirited people.


Sardan's Adventures

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Sardan's Adventures

Sardan's Gallery

Sardan's Gallery