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An unfortunate discovery...

(This text below the parchment is a separate entry from it.)

I know now would be a good time to write my thoughts on this matter.  Firstly, I was out and about searching for brigands to rob, though I had found what appeared to be a sorcerer wrapped in red robes.  He handed the bunch a scroll of some sort, before departing in a flash of flame.... Doubtless, he held another scroll on his person, and must have been a similar message.  Regardless, this revelation is obviously disturbing, only partially in thanks to this missive to seek something in the barrow downs.  I revealed this letter to Cesistya, but of course she only told me to not go.  She is a beautiful and wise woman of all sorts, though I must at least investigate what relic the missive is demanding.  I will depart for the barrows as soon as possible.  I will return to Bree once my business is done.

Clipart, ???