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Actors Guild of the Blue Theatre

Founding date December2016
Goal Promote plays, songs and storytelling and general RPing in Minas Tirith
Main area of operations Minas Tirth, 4th Tier (Player's Tier)
Kinship type Man

People of Minas Tirith


none yet

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)



The beautiful Blue Theatre of Minas Tirith sits in the southern end of 4th Tier of the White City. It is the largest theatre in the city.

Other locations:

Hall of Air- Sage's Tier

Stone Theatre- Main Gate Tier

Of course, we may travel to present tales, songs and entertainment in the rest of Gondor.

The Actor's Guild of the Blue Theatre seeks creative folk; storytellers, playwrights, musicians. Come tell a song or story. Act out on stage. Or perhaps you prefer making costumes in the background.

Currently needed!





Costume Makers:

((OOC: We are a heavy, lore-based kin. Gondorian characters are preferred, but a dwarf or two from the White Mountains are certainly welcomed to join. While we would like to preform acts for other players, the process of RPing (mistakes, nervousness, etc.) while on stage is welcomed. For more, find Cerriel in Minas Tirith.))

More to come!


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