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Nimlith's speech in the Hall of Fire

((OOC: This is taken directly from the chat transcript, so not up to a higher standard of literature :) I have edited out irrelevant /say and /emote as well as removed a bit of cross conversation. This only reflects the main part of her speech, and is therefore not complete - there were more people present, and quite a bit more /emoting going on than you see here.
The end of the speech dissolved in two parallel conversations, one of the current event, and one of the tactics of the Elf Lords versus what Nimlith thought was our duty. I have left in the beginning of the tactics part (not much other than repetition was said after this) and left out the event discussion completely.))

Nimlith speaks, softly at first, then finding her voice.
'My friends...
 First... I am not used to speaking in great halls, nor to such noble people; I speak to trees, and amongst them.
 But also... I have a hard time finding words, for I am so moved by what you have done... that so many cared about me, and came to my aid.
 I never thought that I had so many friends here. And for this, perhaps most of all, I am thankful.
 You risked your life to save mine, and that is a great gift that I will never be able to fully repay... but you also taught me that I am known, and cared about, by you, and that is a wonder greater than all others.'
Nimlith smiles, looking down.
'But you have asked for an explanation behind my capture, and I owe it to you... and I also wish to tell you, for the news concerns us all.
 Not long ago, I was passing by Eregion on my way to my homeland... the Greenwood.
 But news reached me in Eregion, and I interrupted my journey to investigate.
 The land to the south, Enedwaith it is called now, was being threatened, overrun by yrch...'
Duissane reaches her hand towards her missing sword.
'Some of the Elves who dwell in Eregion came with me, to investigate...
 But it was soon clear that neither we nor the Men living there had the strength to repel the attacks.
 We needed all we had to defend our position in Eregion... so many went to warn our brethren, and the rest took it to ourselves to aid the Men.
 There was not much to be done... coordinate retreat, and remove the ones who could not fight to safer places.
 Yet we had underestimated the Yrch... these were a different type of Yrch than the ones I knew from Greenwood, brighter and able to walk by day.
 They reached us too soon... I remained to fight.
 They were too many...'
Mirineth makes a sound of shock.
Eadhras lets out a faint gasp.
Nimlith speaks as if the words cause her pain.
'I... I was injured, and taken captive.'
Duissane again reaches out to grasp a sword that is not at her side.
'I do not know where I was brought... I walked long in fevered dreams.
 All I know is that it was far from any living green thing, in a place of stone and fire.
 There, I stayed... for how long, I do not know.
 The leader of the Yrch was smart... smarter than any I had seen before.
 He knew I could speak his language, and had my guards swear silence.
 But still, I learned, from them and him, of what they were...
 And the news concerned me.
 These Yrch follow the White Hand, Sharkû, and we know who this is now... and that is a threat to all of us.
 I believe that Lord Elrond has known this for a while, yet he withheld counsel.
 And perhaps this is not news to you, but the extent of the treachery of Sharkû, to have his own army...
 It means an even greater threat to us.'
Duissane frowns, watching Nimlith intently.
'Yes, I say to us... for so far, many of us have ignored it, believing that it concerned only the people of Men, who dwell in the plains.
 But it does not. It concerns us as well.
 If these Men fall, then our lands will be next.
 And much that is beautiful will be laid to ruin, and vanish forever.'
Nimlith stands up, ignoring her wound.
'We must act now, for we cannot fight a war with two enemies.
 We must take command, for it is our duty as Elves to do so.'
Mirineth says, 'But our numbers are few.'
Nimlith grips her staff, her knuckles turning white but her face not betraying any pain.
'Our numbers are few, and our fronts are already many.
 But waiting until someone else solves the problem for us will destroy many things... perhaps too many.'
Eadhras nods.
Nimlith continues, 'Men's numbers are high.. yet they cannot withstand that fight on two fronts either.'
Mirineth says, 'We need allies.'
Nimlith nods. 'We need allies... and we need to stop fighting among ourselves as well.'
 Men may be weak, but they fight. We are not many, and we can but hold our own in our homes - Lórien, Greenwood... but soon, if the Men fail, so will we.'
Duissane nods in agreement.
'We have seen this happen before... in Greenwood...
 Often have we acted too late.
 Perhaps I am speaking out of turn in these halls... But as my friends, I just want to ask you...
 ...please... consider my words.'
Nimlith gently lowers herself onto the bench again.
A silence descends.
Gildoras looks around to see if anyone will speak.
Eadhras says, 'But what does Lord Elrond say? Surely he has a plan. He must see what you have seen and more still.'
Nimlith glances at Mirineth.
Mirineth looks down, leaning on her staff.
Galvathalion turns to look at Mirineth for a brief moment.
Nimlith says, 'Lord Elrond has been withholding his counsel.
 Perhaps he has another hope, but if so, he is not sharing.'
Eglanel says, 'No, he has not.'
Eglanel looks up with a flicker of scorn in his eyes at the unfounded critique of the lord of Imladris
Eglanel says, 'Master Elrond has not withheld council. He has spoken freely of his thoughts on the times we face. He has claimed ever, that it is not in numbers that the fight will be decided. Mistake not his wisdom and foresight, for a slight against the eldar visiting'
Nimlith says 'It may not be decided in numbers.'
 But if we do not act now, much that was once beautiful will be destroyed ere it is decided.'
 It happened so in Greenwood, and I will not have it happen again.'
Eadhras says, 'We do not doubt your words. And I'm sure I speak for everyone that we share your concerns. But...'
 How can we act without being given the word by our Lord Elrond?'
Eglanel beckons to his companion and departs, other matters than the pride of elves are pressing, and feeling scorn against Lord Elronds council is wrong.
Nimlith says, 'That is up to your conscience.
 Personally, I may no longer be welcome in those halls if I say this... but Lord Elrond is a wise Elf, but not my lord.'
Mirineth says, 'You are from The Greenwood, Lady Nimlith'
Nimlith nods.
Mirineth says, 'But I am to follow orders from my lord'
Nimlith says, 'I understand that.
 I do not wish to steal your loyalty to him.
 It is not for revenge or for glory that I wish to fight... only out of concern for the innocent, and the fair.'
Gildoras says, 'Does Lord Elrond forbid action in this matter?'
Eadhras says, 'That is not what I have percieved. He has not forbid anything of that sort'
Nimlith nods.
'I do not wish to sit here and hear us bicker about old grudges when I see the destruction and fighting going on.
 We are the wardens of this land, and it is up to us to take command and aid those who cannot help themselves.'