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Pathways are chosen for us

Since returning to the vale after spending some time with the sons of Elrond one of whom he had served alongside with for many centuries his spirit still seemed restless. Even practising the age old sword patterns long ago burned into his muscle memory did not settle him. The sword patterns are a few memories that have remained with him when many others were lost that fateful day.

Khalis walked the circumference as he often done to take in the sentries, offering a few cheerful words which were ever welcomed by those whose solitary duty was to stand watch over the gateways into the hidden vale. His walk ended at the cairn of Themodir one of the Hammers of Bar En Vanimar who fell in battle months past now. The cairn stood watch over the road which weaved its way up to the Homely House. As his gaze wandered over the grey stones used to form the cairn the silvery glint of the warband clasp he had laid that fateful day in honour of the warrior who had been laid beneath. Kneeling down he reached out with the fingertips of his right hand and pulled the clasp from between the rocks. The metal had not dulled over these past months and the clasp pin remained still functional. Standing up once more he slowly turned and took in the beauty of the vale from the vantage point his eyes settling upon something unseen to the east. Smiling to himself he took a few steps away from the knoll before stopping a moment and turning back to the cairn of the mighty Themodir. With a slight bow of his head to the warrior, a silent thank you he turned once more on his path towards the western aspect of the vale and the artisans quarter.