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Court of Miracles


Founding date T'is always been and it always shall be.
Goal To create the greatest kingdom for scoundrels and thieves
Main area of operations All over Arda, however current headquarters are in Bree.
Kinship type Mixed

Any kind of scoundrel, beggar or who lost their place in 'polite' society.


Any kind of organization that upholds the law.

Kinship status Disbanded
Recruiting Officer(s)



Here, where the lame can walk, the blind can see but the dead don't talk, where a fool off his guard would never return from, where the guards are unwelcome but those who hail from the lowest parts in the ranks of the Free People are encouraged to enter.  

We are those who walk in the shadows, those who do not fear getting blood on their hands and who would commit necessary evil that those of too pure of heart would not even consider. We are those looking beyond the past and the future and see what should be done now. We feel no twinges of fear for our souls, for we already have forsaken the idea of peace. None of us shall rest, for we have no place no longer among our own kin - the Court of Miracles is our home, a home that stretches over all of Arda. A home where scoundrels are nothing more but simple citizens once more, except that thievery is part of everyday's life.

The Court of Miracles is a kinship for those who wish to play those scoundrels and thieves that do not aim to become sellswords for those too cowardly to do the job by themselves and who would not hesitate to rat them out once things turn sour. They decide by themselves what should be done, what should be stolen or killed, as long it would benefit those they still love but have left behind. They do not recognize any king, any lord, except for those that reign over the Court of Miracles - no lord or Watch shall be their moral guide any longer.

We aim with this kinship to build around a world often overlooked and seen as only evil. Those too poor to be respectable, those with too much wanderlust to remain in place, those who lost faith in their superiors and those who need to seek the thrill of the fight; all those that cannot help but to break the law because they cannot do otherwise. The Court of Miracles is aiming to be a social and friendly environment for all sorts of people, be them role players or not.


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