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Beyond the Hearth


Founding date December 2014
Goal To encourage open roleplay
Main area of operations All of Arda
Kinship type Mixed




Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Kyantye Sharpie


Beyond the Hearth came about because we felt so many roleplaying Kinships have a theme or ideal that they want players to adhere to if they join.  Here we have decided to do away with these and to host what we call Open Roleplay that allows you to play your character how you wish, to RP whatever storyline you like within the world of Tolkien and not feel pressured into a particular style. 

We welcome all Roleplayers from the very new to the more experienced along with all races and levels.  

What we want to achieve is a friendly and happy kinship with members who want to help each other, Roleplay with each other and enjoy the game as they see fit. 


Sharpie Ceowulf "Sharpie" Son of Coenwahl Man

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