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Bree Town Private Investigators



Founding date 30/9/14
Goal To bring justice to Bree-Town.
Main area of operations Bree-Town
Kinship type Man



All those who break the law.

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)



"As corruption spreads, so too does the who realize its presence."

The Bree Town Private Investigators is a small group of people who work for a fee, to help solve crimes and cases. They are lead by the mysterious 'Hammond', who most people rarely see. Hopefully, all those who stand for or with the B.T.P.I. can live to see a Bree-Town based on civilized values, were there are more civilians and watchers, than assassins and thieves.

((Just some OOC information; we are a heavily RP based kin, and we're pretty new))


1. Abide by basic RP rules (E.g. No Godmodding, no powerplay, ect) ((Feel free to ask me for more specifics))

2. Be respectful to others OOC at all times. (This includes excessive profanity).

3. Try not to break any IC laws, and if you do, don't drag the kin into it.

4. Although we don't enforce constant RPing, we do expect members to take part in some RP at one level or another to do with the kin storyline.

5. In all things you do IC, keep in the kin in mind, and work for the benefit of it.

((We are still new, so please be patient. More will be added as we go along :) ))


Elemial Elemial "Hammond" Shade Man
Nemiar Nemiar Man

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