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Entry Five: Hall of Fire

Entry Five: Hall of Fire

One rested well for the first time in a while. The peace and tranquillity within the borders of Imladris would succumb to any feared warrior, turning them into lovable beings. The Bloody Dawn where a fine example. Within their home of Bree, they would appear somewhat vicious and cutthroat more often than not. But in Imladris... they would appear humble and kind amongst the Elves.

One would stand upon the bridge leading to the Last Homely House, admiring his surroundings and lost in thought of memories past as often as he does. First, it was that of Leorthir who approached. The man seems trustworthy enough to share in thought. One noticed he carried something in his pocket, yet said nothing. Knowing the burden of loss and that others also do, these moments of sadness should not be spoken of lightly at this time. Brammy would be the second of the Company to join us. That one seems quite inquisitive, asking many questions which one would prefer not to answer... Not yet, anyway...

Fiontann shortly followed, along with the rest of the Company. He spoke with them, informing them that they must be on their best behaviour. This after all was no common night they would spend in the Inn of the Prancing Pony. Some seemed excited to view and learn the Elven culture. Taala for instance had acquired herself a dress for the occasion. Perhaps it was due to Brammy, removing the back of her breaches, one does not know.

It accrued to one, that Teleyn may not have been as prepared. That is why one procured a special gift for the girl himself. Her face glistened once he handed her the box, opening it to reveal an elegant Elvin gown. Teleyn’s thanks and gratitude would warm any man’s heart, even one so broken. She would rush ahead to change, as the Company would move forward to enter that of the Hall of Fire.

One would feel a little unease though before entering. The comment made by Lucifen would still infuriate one. It was time to speak one’s mind to Lucifen, warning him to lash his tongue as such again would cost him his life. The man would laugh one’s warning off, though one would stand true to his word if necessary. It would soon be time for us to enter.

Many would gather within the Hall and eyes would begin to glare at the mass company of men who entered. One would simply move to a quieter place, upon the balcony as the others proceeded onward. He would observe his fellow Company, watching as Fiontann would introduce himself to many of the Elves in attendance. The others would soon begin to mingle, which brought brief smile to one’s face. Under Hardoleth’s command, one would not have dreamt of a day where he would see that of the Dawn and Elves stand united without conflict.

Some of the Elves would appear hesitant and distrusting of the Company, which was to be expected at such gatherings. One was never truly accepted in his own time, living amongst them. It was then though that she walked in. Teleyn entered in her new gown, looking as beautiful as the morning son. Would this be the feeling a father would feel upon their child? One could not say, though know that a feeling of pride blossomed as she entered.

It was time for one to descend and join the others. One sat a small distance from the group at first, continuing to observe the way they interacted. Two Elves of the House of Elrond would approach, introducing themselves as Athlardal and Gwaithmai. They offered a kindness that will not be forgotten easily, openly speaking with one and the others of our Company. It would be then Teleyn would approach, grabbing one by the arm and leading him amongst the others.

One is saddened he did not learn of her name, but a magnificent Harp Player would play some beautiful music. As she finished, one would ask if possible to borrow her instrument. A foolish mistake on one’s part, forgetting that Elves are wary of loaning their wares. Taala would also ask, though the Harp Player would agree to fetch a spare lute and a harp for us to play. It had been long since that night in the Dawnhall, where we played some songs together. As we received the instruments, it came back to one naturally as it did Taala.

The playing of the lute, eases one’s mind. Always reminding him of times less chaotic. Performing in front of such an audience was somewhat nerve racking, yet none the less an enjoyable experience. Everyone seemed to gather and listen to the tales told through song, enjoying them so much some even danced. The gratitude one felt was something he shall cherish forever. Leorthir requested the lute once one finished. Presenting him with it, it was time for one to head back and rest once more and write this entry. One hopes only that those who read this will know that of the kindness that can be shown amongst a different culture than that of their own.

To unite as one is more powerful than standing alone...