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"The Grey Warden" Valindal Telrunya





Outward Appearance

​Valindal is around six foot tall and an average athletic build for the Race of Men. His hair long and dark and his eyes are as grey as stone. A scar runs across his right eye after a close call with an arrow. "The Grey Warden" keeps his appearance hidden to most, wearing his grey armour with a hooded cloak and a face mask, only allowing his piercing grey eyes to be seen, Unless friendly with Valindal, he will never remove his hood .


“The Grey Warden” Valindal Telrunya was born after the destruction of Arthedain, the last of the Northern Kingdoms taken by the Witch King of Angmar. The Dúnedain blood line would soon begin to fade into legend. Only a few regions of Middle Earth the blood line would continue. Dol Amroth being one of them which is where the legend of “The Grey Warden” would begin.

A small settlement, two hundred paces south of Dol Amroth was where Taol and Migyon Telrunya, two of the Dúnedain would marry and give birth to their only son Valindal. Keeping their identities as members of the Dúnedain Rangers secret, Taol and Migyon did not ever mention this to Valindal either, waiting till the first full moon after his eighteenth birthday.Valindal was trained from a young age in the art of the Bow and Sword. The training was hard, but with the dangers that lay ahead would eventually become useful.

Valindal’s favorite training however the ability to track just about anything was. During his training one summer’s eve, Valindal and Taol came across odd large footprints, followed by many small ones. An army of Orcs alongside a Troll headed towards the small settlement but Valindal and Taol where too late. The settlement was a blaze, women and children screaming was all Valindal could hear. Taol run to their home to find Migyon dead and Orcs ransacking for supplies.

Taol and Valindal began to fight them off before an Orc Bowman fired at Valindal. He dodged the arrow, barely but it caught him across his right eye. He stumbled and fell in the corner, his mother’s grey cloak fell over him which hid him from plain sight. Taol continued to fight until the Troll crashed through a wall. The Troll grabbed Taol and threw him half way across the settlement.

The Orcs and the Troll left the settlement after looting everything. Valindal stumbled to his feet, blinded by the blood from the cut. He wrapped the cloak around himself, and staggered over to his Migyon’s body. He let out a cry for help but no one was comming. Valindal then heard a faint voice. Taol was still alive, but barely. Valindal run over to his father and in his dying words, Taol told Valindal what he truly was. He told Valindal to not trust anyone unless his heart truly believed it. Taol died in his son’s arms.

Valindal went on, constantly moving from town to town, doing the odd job for local taverns and markets. He sold what he hunted and eventually became excellent with his bow.

Ten years passed and Valindal was doing his daily round when he came across a woman, surrounded by what looked like bandits harassing her. Without hesitation, Valindal unleashed a flurry of arrows and drew his sword, finishing off the last of the men. The woman thanked Valindal and ran off. Valindal looked to the bodies and noticed something he never saw before. Lawmen of the town lay dead by his hand. No matter if they were bad men, this made Valindal a vigilante.

He fled, cloaked in his mother’s grey cloak and face covered. A man now known only as “The Grey Warden” was wanted in the town. Rumor began to spread and stories began to be told of a man, clad all in grey saving people from injustice. Valindal Telrunya, a name long forgotten and still known to few, “The Grey Warden” would be known to many for years, soon becoming legend. Many would begin to wear all grey and claim that they where the Warden, but little did they know, blessed with long life that the true Warden lived among them.


Hyrien, Fiontann, Edhelong, Tianne, Basaran, Ardeghon (Deceased), Neyaa, Deorgast, Teleyn




Saxris (Deceased), Gerwolf


Lirita (Deceased), Hunting, Tracking, Combat, A Warm Meal


Orcs, Goblins, Injustice, Politics


Aide those in need. Protecting the Innocent.


"Your Will... One's Hands...", "Farad Vaer"

Valindal's Adventures

Valindal's Adventures

Valindal's Gallery

Valindal's Gallery