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Chaos at the Repository!

The Grey Repository lies in disorganisation and files and papers are everywhere! The scribes are unsure where to place papers and information forms and references are failing one after the other.

What can be done?!

Panic is striking the Keeper of the Scrolls, The Overseer and the other archivists who are trying their best to re-direct this catastrophe and get things back on track, but it appears they are having increased difficulties with keeping things in control. What can be done?!

OOC explanation: Have you seen the many links on the site? Coloured text that links you to somewhere else? They are the veins of the site, interconnecting everything with everyone. They are made by you unless a nice Archives scribe edits your profile for you. They are made in the following way:

When you have a character or a kinship appearing in your text, type these brackets [[]] around the name and a link is automatically created.
So if you want to link to the kinship “Shield of Bree”, you type [[Shield of Bree]]. The clickable link will take anyone to the correct kinship. This is why it is important to use the avatar names (the ones floating above your head in game) on the Archives!

What if you, for example, have a cover name and want to use it in the text, instead of the in-game name, but still have it link to your profile?
Let's say that your avatar name is “Ruther”, but you call yourself “The Black One” in game. Type as normal [[Ruther but then include a | and type your cover name. End with the ]]s. Example: [[Ruther|The Black One]]. Now the name “The Black One” appears, but it links to “Ruthers” character profile. The rule is: What appears before the | is the regular link. What appears after the | is what the reader will see.

Do the brackets appear when you link somewhere?
Certain areas of the Archives are not created with the intention of having links in them. This especially applies to titles.

Did you know you can interlink your stories to each other seamlessly by using brackets?
Put this line:
[[title here|Something else here]]
in a story.
Now a link will appear. Clicking it will take people automatically to the first name or story you put inside the first part of the [[ | !]]. You can do this for anything. What appears in the first part of the brackets " [[ in here |" defines where the link takes you, and what appears in the second part "| here]] defines what is displayed. You can do this for names too! Try this in one of your stories: [[Calenon|The greatest hero of all time!!]]
NB! Make sure that there is no space inbetween!
Correct: [[Drugul|Dwarf!]]
Wrong: [[Drugul | Dwarf!]]

And most importantly: Afraid to make links since you don’t know if you spelled the name correctly, or even worse, the kinship or character doesn’t have a profile yet?
(First of all, invite them here!) Don’t worry! The system is foolproof! When creating a link to an item that doesn’t exist yet, the link works as a Search button. So if you create a link to “Knights of Doom” and their kinship hasn’t registered yet, the link will result in a Search result page for “Knights of Doom”.

Now that you know of this: Tell your friends and start linking each others stories and profiles with each other! Its even possible to make an Open RP with this system!

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