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The Grey Repository

Founding date Early 2009
Goal To record and protect the legacy of the Third Age.
Main area of operations Eriador
Kinship type Mixed

The Free Peoples of Middle Earth


Servants of Sauron

Kinship status Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)

Calenon, Erinwyn


The Grey Repository is the name of a group of elves in Rivendell who made it their duty to find and store old knowledge in their secluded sanctuary. Lately, with the threat of the growing shadow in the east and the diminishing of the elves, they decided to entrust their repository to the other races, opening their secret archives to the public.

Some of the most important pieces of their collection are the ancient census books of Arnor, used to record details about the population of the old kingdom, most likely for taxation. As the current age seems destined to end one way or another, Calenon, the Keeper of the Scrolls, decided it was time to record current events as well as ancient.

He procured a new book and stated it would be used to record whatever information could be found about the current inhabitants of middle-earth. To record and protect the legacy of the Third Age.

OOC: The Grey Repository's role is to act as the in-game representation of the Laurelin Archives webportal, although it is up to each character to decide what information is only on the site for OOC purposes, and what is actually written in the Repository in game. Try to accomodate for this during roleplay and avoid invading people's privacy.



Calenon Menion Calenon Elf
Dugrinn Dugrinn Dwarf
Erinwyn Erinwyn of Dale, "The Wanderer" Man
Hamlock Hamlock Tunnelfoot Hobbit
Kheith Kheith Ammerline Man

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