Mearhe , Daughter of Fengal

Name Mearhe
35 Winters
Outward Appearance

At a first glance, Mearhe (pronounced Meear + e) appears much like any other who spends their life outdoors. She stands tall and proud, with a long mane of pale golden hair, which is often braided. Her skin is fair with a light rose hue, and marked by the occasional freckle here and there. A small nose perched above full lips, rarely seen without honeyrose balm, to provide a polite smile to those she meet. But her most outstanding feature is her eyes. They are almond-shaped, green in color and profound, reflecting the love for her land. 



Ride Your Mare

A poem for Mearhe by Duncadda


Although she is not a woman of violence, Mearhe is not wholly defendless. When riding and traveling, she carries a sword named Meaegling in a leather scabbard strapped to her back. Do not let her peaceful demeanor fools you, she is a woman of Rohan. If necessary, she will kill you. A finely crafted saddle bag filled with the tools of her trade and other essentials, follows Mearhe wherever she goes. A set of embroidery needles and yarn of different colors. A water flask. A knife. Small pouches for loose herbs, resin, and tea leaves. Hroneyrose balm, a small piece of charcoal, and some parchment. Spare clothing, a comb, and rations.

Early Life

Born from a fair mother of humble roots and a Rider of Rohan father of pride. A loyal daughter she was, a subject of her fathers’ life. She spent her early years learning from the one man she could not aspire to become. In the dreams of this child, she often saw herself by her father's side, riding free, sword in hand, to defend her beloved land.

Thrust into womanhood, she was trained young in the art of weaving by her mother. Unable to follow Fengal, she served the next best thing. Folcadda a trusted friend and close warrior-brother of her father. From task to task she followed without question, from the menial tasks of shoeing horses and scraping rust from a blade. To the dangers of road-side bouts with orcs and enemies of Rohan. She learnt much of war and suffering, but little of life itself. Like most of her people she cannot read or write, but has learned to sing, and she likes to draw.

Present Time

In her prime, she is a true woman of Rohan. Strong, proud and wise. She has mastered her temper and honed her mind. Despite the age difference, she was married to Folcadda but no child came from their union. According to local rumors, evil magic, a course, and elves were to blame. Her days spent in service of husband lord, until his sudden death. Years of serving and submission came to an end, and a new day lead to more promising prospects for a brighter future. 

Hearsay and Knowledge

- Her love for Rohan knows no bounds

- She is superstitious, and believes in spells, and lucky charms

- She fears elves, but is also curious about them

- Unable to write, she uses sketching to record tales, and songs

- She enjoy dye-making, and embroidery

- Her father Fengal and her late husband Folcadda served in the Royal Guard

Characters (NPC)

Fengal, Son of Fenwine  - Mearhe's Father

Meafled, Daughter of Léohelm - Mearhe's Mother

Winfara, Son of Winhelm - Head of Mearhe's Household

Windaru, Son of Winfara -  Son of Winfara ( 17 years old )

Gwenna of Aldburg - Maid 


New to Rohan RP - still learning ( profile wip )

Art : Concept Art for Beowulf (2007) © Paramount/Warner Bros

Winfara, Yllfa and Waelden. Getting closer to Duncadda
Her parents Fengal and Meafled
Enemies of Rohan
Her land, her horse, her freedom, warm mead, good food, and tales

Mearhe's Adventures

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Mearhe's Adventures

Mearhe's Gallery

Mearhe's Gallery