Amarthniel Ídhrambar

Name Amarthniel
Just a traveling warrior at the service of anyone in need.
She is a traveler, but has homes in Lindon, in The Shire, and in Rivendell.
Outward Appearance


Although young-looking in the manner of Elves, Amarthniel was born during the First Age of the world; her eyes carry the weight of many years. She is not truly an Elf, however---she is a peredhel, half-elven.


Since she is a wanderer, her clothing is more often than not travel-appropriate and worn out. Tall and lean, of a pale-skinned complexion. In these later years, she wears her hair rather short, and its color is of a dark brown hue, almost black. Bright gray-blue eyes give her countenance a piercing, heavy look, even if her actual mood at the moment doesn't reflect that appearance. Her features are marked by the griefs and sorrows of loss.


Truly, to Amarthniel's both joy and despair, she resembles her father too much. Raised by him, she displays at times his same disposition of mood and temper: taciturn and yet quick to anger, strong-willed, proud---though not arrogant, a pursuer of justice and an enemy of mockery, derisions and wrong-doings. Still, the passing of time, the wisdom and contemplative nature that come with age, and the longing for years long gone have all turned her into a much more patient and forgiving creature.


Easily moved by the genuine needs and pains of others, Amarthniel will do all under her power, to the very extremes of her abilities and beyond, to help those who might need it, for she can never rest knowing she could do more for their aid.

Recently, she found a haven for her bitterness amongst the Hobbits, and with them she's learned to be merrier and to laugh often, something she rarely did before.


Some OOC info to keep in mind before reading this part:

I'm aware of what I appear to be doing with such an OC, but this is my homage to my own father, who recently passed away. This was the OC I used to play with him and his friends (all huge Tolkien nerds), when they all got together for some TTRPG sessions set in Tolkien's universe, for my dad most of the time played as Túrin Turambar. I want to leave a living note of those days. That's all. I thank the Laurelin Archives mod team for letting me post it.

So, I love you, dad. See you on the other side.


There is indeed one year missing from most tales, from the day when Túrin son of Húrin left Doriath, and until he joined the Gaurwaith; in that time, he met a wandering Nandorin maiden by the name of Edhellen, with whom he found comfort for his troubled heart. Amarthniel was born in those forests to them both, but soon after, Edhellen was murdered by some of the many groups of outlaws that dwelled around the area, when Túrin was not with them. Therefater she was raised by him, despite the burden of raising a child in the wild, for he could not leave her under someone else's care, or would not, proud as he was to return to Doriath for help. As years passed, despite his attempts to send her away when he had the chance, and despite the secrecy that both kept of her identity and their kinship, in an attempt to keep Amarthniel safe from her father's curse, they were never truly apart.

The stories never tell of her, but she was always there, hidden, in the background; from the time in A​​​mon Rûdh until Turambar's stay amongst the Men of Brethil in Ephel Brandir, later witnessing his impaled corpse in Cabed Naeramarth . . . Amarthniel then passed under the care of King Thingol and Queen Melian, meeting Húrin Thalion during his brief visit there, when he called her Ídhrambar, after her longing for her father and his ruined fate.

She served as a warrior in Menegroth, and she later met Dior Eluchíl and his family, who, being related to her, brought her some peace of mind until the fall of Doriath, when her inability to find and save Eluréd and Elurín consumed her in grief. That wound never healed. During that time she met Maedhros, son of Fëanor.

Going then in search of Elwing, she met Eärendil, who turned out to be her cousin. Again, peace returned to her heart. But it did not last long, for soon the attack on the Havens of Sirion, and her belief on the death of Elwing and the captivity of her twin sons revived the trauma of Eluréd and Elurín's loss. Eventually she managed to track them down, already under the care of Maglor. Witnessing the children's love for him, she remained with them, (developing, as well, love for the remaining sons of Fëanor), until the War of Wrath.

After these events, even though Morgoth had been defeated, Amarthniel knew that his influence on Arda yet lingered, and thus he was not truly gone. So, despite Eönwë's message to follow into her father's destiny and die as a child of Man, she chose to live as an Elf, until the last of Morgoth's designs were eradicated from the world---even though this choice meant that she would never see her father again.


Anyone interested in role-playing please feel free to send me a message here or in-game! I understand that the nature of the OC's background can perhaps be problematic to some, so please know that it does not have to have anything to do with any general interaction during the role-play itself, and we can ignore it altogether. Events from so long ago don't have to be brought up at all in the present setting of LOTRO, and I don't intend to push my personal headcanon's into anyone.

A few remain amongst Elves and Dúnedain, and recently Hobbits.
She is related to the House of Elrond.
Any that would align themselves with Evil.
The star of Eärendil; the sea and sea-faring, despite the bitter memories it brings her, for it holds many joyful ones as well; The Shire, the simple life of its good folk, and the joy they bring with themselves.
Evil beings and persons, hipocrites, dragons (DESPISES them), and more than anything, Morgoth.
The promise and her own oath to remain on Middle-earth until the last remnants of Morgoth's designs are erased from Arda.
"An obstacle is either another path to follow, or a bridge to cross."

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