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Cirdamir, "Peace-bringer"


Swordmaster and Warden of the Havens; though currently he has laid down his sword, in favor of a more relaxed and caretaking role at the Halls and surrounding gardens of the Loth-i-Lonnath.

He is also a well trained shipwright and carver of wood.

Age"One may cease caring about age, when every season is just like any other day."
ResidenceBorn and raised by the shores of Mithlond; Former resident of Lothlórien; Resides now in Thamas Lorn, Lindon, with the Grey Watch.


Outward Appearance

( Banner artwork by Curugirion. )

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Cirdamir (from Círdan (Shipbuilder) and Mîr (jewel) - loosely translated to "Shipbuilder's jewel" - was the name his father Tugladlindir, who was a skilled woodworker and shipbuilder in Mithlond during the Second Age, gave him.


This elf stands tall and with a proud posture. Like all elves, he shows no sign of aging and his skin is fair, but his steel-blue eyes may at times reveal a hint of wear and melancholy, perhaps after having seen far too many sorrows in a ever-changing world.

His hair carries the shade of aged brass; it is not entirely blonde, but not dark either, and the long strands are usually pulled back and laid to rest upon his neck and shoulders. The mass of hair usually flows freely, though it is may also be held together by a number of small braids, which are at times adorned with beads and pearls, unless they have been lost due to misfortunes on the road. This particular hairstyle requires quite a lot of attention and skilled hands to manage.

Upon his forehead, a finely wrought circlet rests at most times, unless the situation demands otherwise. It is made of silver, and three finely cut sapphire gems are mounted upon it. As for clothing, he is usually seen in well-fitted garbs that often goes in a blue color scheme, and finely embroidered white swans and/or other shapes adorn much of the clothing. When on active duty or on official business, he wears the uniform and/or armor of the Loth-i-Lonnath. For less formal occasions, he may wear a more simple but yet elegant and comfortable robe.

His voice is soft and melodious; he speaks often with a poet's sense of wordplay and is, by most standards, a very good conversationalist that have been known to sway hardened warriors and charm many ladies with his careful choice of words and clever manners. Many have described him as quite charismatic and pleasant company, even though he usually dislikes and tend to avoid any greater gatherings, and openly prefers the company of friends and loved ones before that of a big crowd with unknown people or brief acquaintances.



Many to list, few to his heart.





Caradin (deceased)

Other family members have journeyed west.


Has been known to bear no higher regard for one or perhaps a few certain elves of Bar-en-Vanimar, but if that could be considered "rivalry" or "enemies", remains uncertain.


All creatures of darkness, but in particular trolls and the spawn of Ungolianth.


Cirdamir's Adventures

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Cirdamir's Adventures

Cirdamir's Gallery

Cirdamir's Gallery