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Aerinion Fealdin,


Wanderer, adventurer, Lord of the Hunters Of Oromë.

AgeYoung for an elf. ( But adult.)
ResidenceHe is a traveler, although he is currently resting in Celondim.

Hunters of Oromë

Outward Appearance

With a fair complection, his hair is dark-brown and his eyes are green, although for some reason whatsowever( it has something to do with a certain Valar) his eyes turn violet when he gets angry.

He has a blade, Telepnar, The Silver Fire. This blade he doesn't use frequently, as it was a gift from Oromë himself, and he wants to preserve it.  This blade has some powerful properties, and he normally keeps it well hidden...but woe betide the ones it cuts....

He normally wears green, and he is normally hooded, so his elvish features are indistingable...he treads in the shadows...

He has a dark side, and woe betide who cross him...

Aerinion is most of the times acompanied by a magestic white wolf- Arathaur



Arathaur. Apart from that, he trusts few, and currently he cannot having friendships, he has seen many friends die or betray him


No-one which is still alive...


Some who we should not name, for their power reaches far... And Men. Every . Single . Man.


Nature, Shadows and Night, the Stars.


Sauron, Destruction of Nature, and men. He Hates Men.

MotivationTo bring glory back to the hunters, to get his revenge, to find ancient secrets and adventures

“Ever watchful! Ever vigilant! Ever deadly!”

Aerinion's Adventures

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Aerinion's Adventures

Aerinion's Gallery

Aerinion's Gallery