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Howel 'Owler' Carter


Farmer; including every bit of a work a farmer does from feeding the chickens to droving animals all the way down the Greenway to market.

AgeIn the prime of his life; twenty five years.
ResidenceThe farm resides in the North Downs where he mainly resides yet he can sometimes be found to the South in Bree Town and the other three villages to sell things.


Outward Appearance

Born up in the North Downs in a small cottage, son to Godwin Carter and Beverly Carter, nee Baxter.

He is in the prime of his life at only aged twenty-five, the strongest of his years and the most healthiest, and the way he is going he will have many more to come this way. He stands at about five foot and nine inches, with all the typical traits of a common man. He has chestnut colored hair, which is more often than not simply tied back, not having need an excuse to do it up neatly for how rural and isolated he and his family live, only with a few cottages nearby. His eyes are soft and brown, and he more often than not has a beard stretching across his face. He is naturally strong, most likely from his hard work lifestyle, with the strength to hold a bull in place. One of his greatest traits is his hardiness; after having taken cattle, sheep, geese, pigs and horses all the way from the farmstead in the North Downs, he is hardy enough not to care of the harsh weather, the long walks, or the rough treatment his animals can give him.


The Carter Farm has been in the same spot for generations of Carters, some say even when the first men who settled in Bree Land, there had been those adventurous enough to go North and farm on the open space there. Not as much of a growing farm, however, it is well known for its animals. Cattle, horses, sheep, geese, pigs, chickens as well as many farm dogs and cats. The farm has one huge barn, with horses and cows within. Outside in the courtyard, chickens and geese roam by the pond. There is a huge field, with a stone wall going all along the outside where goats and sheep reside, and where the cows and horses are released for fresh air and a graze each day. There is an old stone cottage to the side of this, where the family resides, and on the edge of this is a stone enclosure where pigs reside.



Farmers mainly; those he grew up with on the farmstead, or those from the Four Villages to the South of his home.


His father; Godwin Carter. His mother; Beverly Carter (nee Baxter). Brothers; Herbert Carter, John Carter. Sister; Linda Carter


Insects! Those ones that ruin the crops. Also wild dogs, that bite the animals.


Ripe wheat in the autumn, warm sun in the summer, the small lambs in spring, and the cool breeze in winter.


A bad harvest more than anything, though he is jealous of the farmers to the south, who have friends closer to them than he does.


Carrying on the families farming, as well as get married one day to a sweet woman who can help out on the farm.


"You can have her for seven silver, Da says she's worth no more, no less."

Owler's Adventures

Owler's Adventures

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Owler's Gallery