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Old Omboo Silverbeard


Merchant & Land owner

Agemiddle aged
ResidenceEred luin

Durin's Folk

Outward Appearance

A smiling dwarrow with broad shoulders, muscular arms and a white short braided hair and beard, stand in front of you, eyeing your actions with a calculating look. His clothes are in pristine shape, hair and beard trimmed to perfection, indicating a wealthy individual. But behind the open friendly response, there is a hidden and barely visible dwarrow on his guard, ready to handle whatever comes in his way.


Born in the Iron hills TA 2868, raced by his family of farmers and warriors. Little is known or told about his early years, until he followed Dain Ironfoot to help Thorin Oakenshield in reclaiming the dwarven kingdom of Erebor.

Inspired by his father tales and experience from the battle of Nanduhirion, and encouragement from his father as well, he joined the army sent to support Thorin Oakenshield in his quest to reclaim the dwarven kingdom Erebor in TA 2941, at the age of 73. His father, which was a veteran warrior, was also a part of that army. During the Battle of the five armies, his father perished and Omboo was heavily injured, barley surviving the ordeal and spent several years to recover from his injuries.

In the aftermath, Omboo had enough of warfare and decided he wanted to help rebuilding the kingdom of Erebor, using his skills as a farmer and later as a merchant, getting the trade going with the kingdoms of Dale, Rohan and Gondor. During the years that followed, he prospered and grew rich. His hair and beard also started to turn white, which he braided with fine silver threads and kept it in pristine shape. That habit along with his wealth and his ability to turn most of his investment into riches, earned him the name Silverbeard, where dwarfs told tales that it seemed his beard flowed endlessly with silver.

Seeing another business opportunity, he joined Balins expedition to reclaim Khazad-Dum, in the year TA 2889. Being more in the baggage train, as a merchant, he saw little of the initial battles with the orc's that dwelled there. After a few successful years he and a small band of other merchants was ordered to travel to the Blue Mountains to find more dwarfs to support the effort of reclaiming Khazad-Dum and trade some of the mithril the expedition had found, in hope to encourage the dwarfs of the Blue Mountains to join. During their absent from Khazad-Dum, evil rumors spread the words that there were nobody responding from Moria anymore and that the expedition had failed.

Unsure what to do and not willing to risk his neck needlessly, he decided to establish himself in Thorin’s hall as a merchant, with trade caravans going south, taking benefit of his former merchant contacts in the south. He also bought two small silver mines, located close to Thorin's hall and even a small underground tavern in the dwarven quarters in Bree.



Few, but aim to get many. His brothers and sisters from Durin's Folk, Erenee human merchant partner in Bree.


Brother: Omoon


Orc's and goblin's should not get in his way.


Brewing beer, enjoying life.


Do not hate, but dislike elves. Not fond of war, due to his own personal experience with it.


Being rich, a cold homebrew beer, sweet pipe-weed and good friends.


Omboo's Adventures

Omboo's Adventures

Omboo's Gallery

Omboo's Gallery