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Lieta Woodfield


Cook, Fiontann's Heir

ResidenceBlack Steel's Barracks

The Black Steel

Outward Appearance

Lieta lucked out, growing taller than most of her Bree-kin (5'6"). She is still thin, due to having to work all the time but training with the Black Steel has helped with building some muscle. Her hail is brown and often pulled back. Her eyes are green.

An apron is common when she is working, but she does wear both trousers and dresses (not fine, mind her).



Lieta's childhood was mostly a well-lived life. Her father worked, making furniture in Bree. Her mother was often home with Lieta. Before she was married, Lieta's mother was a teacher. They were better off than some families of Bree, able to educate Lieta some.

It all came crashing down when a thief murdered her parents at as they were returning from the market. Lieta almost ended up living with her uncle and aunt in Archet, but Lieta didn't want to go. She opted to stay in Bree, working long days in the Hunters' Lodge to keep up her rent. Some of her parents' savings are still with her though.

Then she met Fiontann. The man took her in as a cook before Lieta started training with them. She was quick to learn how to use a pair of daggers. She is now his heir and successor to the Black Steel Company, though not formally adopted.

Lieta is often lost in her thoughts, be them happy or sad. She enjoys cooking but will also spend time in the Prancing Pony, making up sappy love stories about couples she does not know. At night, she's happy to watch the stars until she falls asleep. She does love listening to stories and studying maps for when she decides to get out of Bree.

Her greatest fear is living completely alone and being forgotten.


Fiontann, Athenlah, Aeirillen


Parents deceased; Fiontann's her adoptive father


Rivals: Hobbit cooks; Enemies: Brigands, those that oppose Fiontann


Cooking, general housework, maps, stories




To not be like other troublesome orphans and to leave Bree


Have some pie.

Lieta's Adventures

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Lieta's Adventures

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Lieta's Gallery