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Torfrith "Wudumann", The Hermit Hunter


Hunter: Selling the meats and pelts on. Forager: Selling mushrooms and herbs on.

AgeIn the prime of his life.
ResidenceHis home is in a hut in the woods, however, he travels.


Outward Appearance



A man of mystery to most, with furs packed upon his shoulders and dressed in ragged leathers rather than the typical green clothing of his kin. He has an average size to him, with a build suggesting he is fairly athletic and has some hidden strength in him. Another trait that sets him apart from most of his people is his hair: dark and rugged, tied back in a knot. His beard is of the same colour. He always carries a dagger somewhere on his person, and occasionally a shield and sword, and he tends to carry a bow and a quiver of arrows.


He is also often in the company of three hounds and his horse:-


A large brown and black hound, with a very keen nose. He reaches about thigh high and has strong powerful jaws, legs and a howl loud and deep enough that it can be heard well away by his master.

His name means "Guide", for that is what he has proven to be one -- a very good one at that.





The largest of the three hounds, Gehaere has a shaggy grey coat. He has a strong bite, and resembles a wolf in some ways. He reaches about up to the waist of his master and has the strength to easily bring down large stags by himself, and alongside Wísian, they are a formidable team.

His name means "Shaggy", because of his coat.




  Though the smallest of the three hounds, Bróga is just as much of a hunter as the other two. However, instead of large game he tends to focus on the smaller things such as hares and badgers and foxes, small enough to fit into their holes and flush them out. His name means Terror, for that is what he is.




Another loyal companion of Torfrith is Cénesefa (Bold-heart). His hide is as black as night, and he is agile and swift with great endurance. He is called such because even in the face of a bear, he did not falter and stood his ground until the hounds and the hunter came.




Little is known of this man to the locals of Rohan, though of course, word has spread. Most, know him as the hunter in the woods. Some believe he prefers solitude over company, others believe he is cursed to ever walk the woods with his hounds and spirit horse. Though, few know him as Torfrith, a man who earns his living by hunting in the woods and selling their pelts and meat on.

He is also known to arrive late to towns, around dusk, and enjoys the company of those in the mead-hall. 

The rest, must be found out by speaking to the man. If you can find him..


Mainly he takes company in mead-maids, though many merchants he would consider his friends, otherwise they would not buy his goods.




The green skinned orcs and goblins that threaten his home, as well as the swarthy men of the East.


Freedom, the woods, his hounds, a mead-maids warm embrace.


Those that danger his homelands.


Get coin, get women, get happiness.


"Attack! Ksst! Ksst!"

Torfrith's Adventures

The Hunt - Deer 6 weeks 5 days ago
Torfrith in a Tavern 8 weeks 14 hours ago
Torfrith's Adventures

Torfrith's Gallery

Torfrith's Gallery