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Mitherion Aerchil


Head of the House of Aerchil

AgeMiddle Aged
ResidenceFalathlorn, Ered Luin, Imladris

Nost Aerchil

Outward Appearance

Mitherion Aerchil is a Noldorin Elf. He stands tall and is straight in posture. His hair is long and black in color, as are his eyes, which, although are dark in coloration, portray wisdom tempered with humor. He is friendly and welcoming, and is not above jokes and witty remarks. When time calls for it however, he can be serious, calm, and composed. Rarely is his wrath incurred by those who are not servants of the Enemy, but if this is the case, he is usually swift to forgive save for the greatest of offenses.


Mitherion, along with his brother Mithgelion and his son Taurenenar, was one of the Noldorin Elves who followed Fingolfin in leaving Valinor after Morgoth's theft of the Silmarils and murder of Finwe. Him and the others of Nost Aerchil did not participate in the Kinslaying, and were deeply angered and sorrowful by the unjust killing of the Teleri. This early anger of the House of Feanor turned into a great wrath after Feanor himself left the Noldor who followed Fingolfin and burned the great ships from afar. The family travelled further with the rest of those who were left behind by Feanor and crossed the Helcaraxe, finally arriving in Middle-Earth after a long journey filled with suffering, hardships, and grief.

He served under Fingolfin in the host of Hithlum and fought against the forces of Angband in skirmishes at the border of Fingolfin's realm. He, along with a few of the Aerchil (his son and brother included), survived the Dagor Bragollach and lamented the loss of Fingolfin. They continued to serve under Fingolfin's eldest son, Fingon, and many years after, under Fingon's son, Ereinion Gil-galad, finally settling in Lindon after the War of Wrath.

After the loss of Gil-galad during the Last Alliance's march on Orodruin, he continued to lead his House in actively fighting against Mordor and, unlike some of the Elves who remained in Middle-Earth, openly supported the Dunedain and assisted the race of Men, saying that "the others forsake old allegiances due to the failure of Isildur and his fall to temptation. But we of the Elves, especially us Noldor, have caused our fair share of grief to this Middle-Earth,...And still do I see the valiant Men of Brethil fighting alongside me, dying around me in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad. For their sake, for all the fallen's sake, I will not leave this Middle-Earth until all the shadows of Morgoth have been felled for ever."

He also has a friendly relationship with the Dwarves of Durin, and can be seen in the forges of Thorin's Halls as much as he can be seen in the forges of Duillond and Celondim. He has little dealings with the Shire-folk but has hunted Orcs across their borders with the Dunedain without the Hobbits' knowing.

In battle, he brings a spear and a shield, and prefers fighting in close range over using his bow. 


Lahirin, Mithgelion, Pororin


Brother: Mithgelion, Son: Taurenenar


Water, lore, music, teaching, writing, working in the forges.


Sauron, Mordor, Angmar, Morgoth, and all their servants. The House of Feanor.


To dispel the Shadow of Sauron and finally remove Morgoth's influence on Middle-Earth.


"No ship will bring me back to my kin in Valinor, not until the remnants of the darkness of Morgoth are removed from this Middle-Earth."

Mitherion's Adventures

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Mitherion's Adventures

Mitherion's Gallery

Mitherion's Gallery