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Jindir, the traveler



AgeTwenty and nine years

Fortune Hunters Guild

Outward Appearance

Dressed functionally rather than fashionably, his clothing is usually mottled with the dust and debris of the road. His boots are now in desperate need of replacing, and his tunic is sloppily patched in spots. He carries a battered rucksack flung over his shoulder that is decorated with what appear to be tally marks.


A compact, slender frame is hidden beneath his traveling cloak and when one spies the face under the draped hood, one sees that in another life, perhaps, it could have been considered handsome, but now it is weatherworn and tinged with the sun's kiss. He has a dusky complexion, raven hair, thoughtful grey-green eyes, and a genuine smile.


Note: His cloak is currently missing, again.


Art Credit: Carlos Villa, Paizo Publishing


Jindir is a subtle man who can be found wandering crowded streets, back alleyways, campsites and major road ways. He is cordial, if somewhat reserved, to friendly folk and he is amenable to the company of those who accept his vagrant way of life. 

Acquaintances may find that he is quite curious about them, but yet remains secretive about his own past even to those few closest to him. His words and expressions appear to be sincere, perhaps pensive. He speaks in a soft, careful voice with drawn out consonants. 

He is overindulgent with pipe-weed, though he eschews using a pipe in favor of hand-rolling his smokes in thin sheaths of translucent paper. He only ever seems to eat as an afterthought.


Photo Credit: N.ico via Flickr


As with all his meager personal belongings, his weaponry is well worn bordering on neglected. He retains exceptional skill with throwing knives and prefers to avoid hand-to-hand engagement. He is a resigned combatant - not one who finds thrill in battle but who only enters the fray if he feels bound by honour or necessity to do so.


Photo Credit: Forsythes' Auctions




A few scattered around. Mostly keeps to himself.


None spoken of, yet.


None spoken of, yet.


Basic creature comforts, which he finds in short supply these days: a warm fireplace, dry clothing, pipe-weed, wine when he can get it


Rigid structure, nosy individuals, prying questions.


Finding redemption.


"He remained heartbroken, which meant one of two things: either his love was pure and true and earthshakingly significant; or he was addicted to feeling forlorn." - Jeffrey Eugenides

Jindir's Adventures

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Jindir's Adventures

Jindir's Gallery

Jindir's Gallery