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AgeEarly twenties

The Bloody Dawn

Outward Appearance

Height: 5'10''.

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hair: Ashen brown.

Eyes: Blue.

Scars: Facial scarring from lacerations caused by multiple blunt force trauma (fists and/or bludgeoning weapons) on cheeks and forehead. Some whipping scars on torso, both front and back. A piercing scar on the left flank area caused by an arrow. Cauliflower ear injury on left ear. Hellrien looks like someone who gets in fist fights a lot, or a professional boxer.

Weaknesses: Marked tendency to overindulge in alcohol, which in time may develop into chronic addiction. Poor impulse control.

Languages: Westron, a little bit of Sindarin (not enough to carry on a conversation, but may pick up things from other people's conversations in Sindarin).


Hellrien of Gondor was born in Pelargir, Lebennin in Central Gondor in the late 2900's TA, to unfavorable family circumstances. She was an illegitimate daughter of a household maid called Eirien and Lord Geoffray, a minor noble and a high-ranking naval officer in the Pelargir Navy. At the time the Captain of the Guard of Pelargir was Dorvairse Ordthrain, an often seen visitor in Geoffray's household for strategy meetings. Geoffray had been a widower when he had had his affair with Eirien, but he had also legitimate children from his late wife, a son and a daughter. As time passed, Hellrien’s presence in the house became more and more embarrassing for Geoffray, as her striking resemblance with her father turned more pronounced with each passing year. A curious and accident-prone child she was, a daydreaming tomboy more interested in playing with swords than with dolls and who could spend hours just sitting on the pier, watching the mighty warships of Gondor sail and dreaming about the adventures and fierce battles they had against the pirates of Umbar.

When she was perhaps twelve years old Geoffray decided that it was time to get rid of the nuisance and embarrassment his love-child had become, as he was courting and planning to marry a noble Lady from Minas Tirith with a most distinguished pedigree. He needed to get Hellrien out of the way before he presenting his home for the bride-to-be.

And so, one day some of Geoffray’s most loyal and trusted men had taken Hellrien from her bed at night and put her on a ship, headed for the Grey Havens. From there the journey continued on land all the way to a little town called Archet in Bree-Land. It was a journey wrought with peril, and perhaps Hellrien should have been afraid, but in truth she was more thrilled than anything else. It was her first great adventure, her first journey out of Pelargir, and she took great pleasure in every day on board and on the road.

She didn’t know how Geoffray knew that old mercenary captain, but somehow the agreement had been made – Hellrien would be raised as a maid in captain Brackenbrook’s household in Archet. Brackenbrook was not an evil or unreasonable man, but Hellrien was not able to cope with the prospect of dull, uneventful life as a housemaid in that small, drowsy village. She had already gotten her first taste of adventure, and as years passed her discontentment only grew. One night she simply fled.

She became a vagrant, a homeless drifter, and she did whatever was necessary to make ends meet. In Combe she worked as a dishwasher, cook and waitress, but she was an unreliable worker who spent all her money on ale and was frequently too drunk or hungover to perform her duties, so before long Lizbeth Honeymead, the proprietor of The Comb and Wattle Inn, laid her off. In Bree she carried on the same irresponsible and self-serving lifestyle, taking whatever odd jobs she could find, even resorting to prostituting herself on a couple of occasions, sometimes just for a meal and a roof over her head – but never professionally. She quickly acquired a reputation as a notorious, dissolute character, and before long the wanderlust took a hold of her and she hit the road again.

She wandered along the Great East Road to west, all the way through Bree and Shire, sleeping in barns and stables until she eventually found herself in an elven outpost called Celondim, not that far from the Grey Havens where she had first landed in Eriador. In Celondim she learned how to hunt for a living. The first time was an accident. When she first arrived in Celondim she dwelled in the docks with the other drifters and unemployed sailors and dockworkers, sleeping under boats and the open sky. Unlike in Combe and Bree there was no work opportunities for her kind in Celondim – none. One day she was roaming in the woods surrounding Celondim to hunt for something to eat with a crude rowan bow she had traded to a jug of cheap wine from an old, boozy sailor, when a wolf attacked her. Hellrien killed it with her bow, skinned it and brought the skin in Celondim, where she found out that the elves of Celondim were paying good money for wolf skins. Hellrien killed more wolves, and found out she had a talent for hunting, archery and surviving in the wild. One day she found a sheltered mountain lake hidden inside a deep valley the elves called Nen Hilith, and made a permanent camp there.

She resided there for many weeks, making a decent living as a wolf-hunter, but eventually her feet got restless again and she moved on. Some time later she found herself in Thorin’s Gate in the Blue Mountains, and that’s where she first met Theawynn Goldenshield and Dorvairse Ordthain, who recruited her into a mysterious military order called The Sworn Brotherhood – sworn to protect the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. Dorvairse had, in fact, met Hellrien before in his father’s house, when she had been very little, but Hellrien couldn’t remember that very well. But she did tell her story to Dorvairse, who seemed to understand.

The Order maintained a stronghold deep within the dwarven-made tunnels of the Blue Mountains, and that's where Hellrien found her true calling. The tale about Hellrien's initiation to the Brotherhood, her training, first missions and what happened then is told in detail in stories that follow.



Taala, Eroforth, Taraborn.


Father Geoffray, mother Eirien.


Everyone who wants her dead.


Drinking, freedom, the outdoors.


Servitude, being regarded as "the weaker sex".


To be free, to adventure, to "be a legend".


"I figure if a girl wants to be a legend she should just go ahead and be one."

Hellrien's Adventures

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Hellrien's Adventures

Hellrien's Gallery

Hellrien's Gallery