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Eirien of Lórien




Linna na Gelaidh

Outward Appearance

A pretty elf with dark hair and fine features. She always seems merry and happy. Usually she is wearing bright dresses and smiling. She is about average size for an elf, but thin and somewhat flat-chested. If you're an elf, she would probably look young to you.


Eirien ("Eye-ree-enn") is a very young elf, one of the few who were born in Lothlorien in the last centuries. She is not a child - she is fully grown and of age - but she still acts very much like one at times. She does not hold with the old elves' moping and whining about crossing the ocean, as she still wants to spend a lot of time wandering and exploring in Middle Earth.

Her parents are simple workers, tending the gardens and flets of Lothlorien. Because she is thus not noble born, she did not receive much formal education. She was recognized to have some woodcraft though, and in time was offered lessons; but she did not seem very interested in them, much to the dismay of her parents who had hoped to see her rise in station above them. Many of her elders tried to find occupations or apprenticeships for her, but foundered at her lack of interest. Being one of the few young Elves around, she often got chastised by the older Elves simply for acting young and irresponsible. So she usually played truant from the lessons as soon as she got bored and spent time in the forest with her furry friends instead.

Exasperated, her parents sent her to Rivendell as a nanny to the child of a noble Lothlórien family. She remained there until the child outgrew the need for her, and afterwards stayed to search for her true calling in life. She finally found it after spending a while in the Shire, speaking to Hobbits and Men and who knows what other people.

Despite being somewhat shy and aware of her low station when around noble Elves, she has a generally happy disposition and a friendly and helpful nature. She especially likes to spend time talking to Hobbits about pies, life in the Shire and pretty dresses. Her true wish is to make the people around her glad with her art, music and all other kinds of expression she creates.


Miji, Clill, Adunzil






Hobbits, furry animals, pretty dresses


Grumpy old elves


Making people happy


Eirienn's Adventures

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Eirienn's Adventures

Eirienn's Gallery

Eirienn's Gallery