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ResidenceGreatwood, or Mirkwood to outsiders

Amath en Taur

Outward Appearance

She has long greyish blonde hair. Her eyes are almost blueish though grey in colour and her skin is almost white.

Her build is typical for elves of the great wood, she is also the typical height of elves and her limbs are long and slender.





Fervain is an elf of the great wood, known also to others in the westron tongue as Mirkwood. She is of Silvan descent, with her parents having always lived within the great wood and her grand parents having been amoung those elves who had settled within Amon Lanc, long before Sauron had claimed that part of the forest and built the evil stronghold known as Dol Guldor.

Fervain is very young, with her parents having elected to conceived of her 150 years ago. She has two brothers, which is unusual, seeing as many elves tend not to have so many children.

Unfortunetly, only one of her brothers survives, but he left middle earth for the undying lands, taking with him his family and Fervain's mother whom had been beside herself, distraught even, when Fervain's father had also died.

In regards to her father's death, he had been murdered while on a seemingly never ending quest to find her missing brother whom had disappeared while patrolling the wood, some years ago now.

Her brother had been a skilled sentinel, always watching the evils that dwelled within those unfortunate woods and he was to come to a myserious end, diappearing, never to be found.

After her family had all but departed from the mortal realm, Fervain had been left in the care of Gilolon, a family friend. He is a wise elf and a retired sentinel from an old order now resurrected, known as Amath en Taur.

After many years, a respect for the old and wise elf had turned to love and now Fervain follows the elf toward Imladris, as his ward, his pupil and also as the one he loves.

Gilolon endeavours to relight to torch of the order Amath en Taur and Fervain - believing as she does in his cause - seeks to aid him, therefore to bring the order back to life. In doing so, she looks to protect the knowledge and values of Silvan kind and to also protect her home, the great wood. She would follow Gilolon into the depths of southern Greatwood itself in order to protect her home and those values of her fellow Silvan elves.








Flowers, rivers, the wood, all plant life, the stars and Gilolon.


The children of Ungoliant, Dol Guldor, cruelty, Dwarf kind, war and fighting.


Her amibition is to protect the knowledge and values of Silvan elves and to rid Greatwood of evil.


Fervain's Adventures

Fervain's Adventures

Fervain's Gallery

Fervain's Gallery