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Aerodin, 'Rat' 'Estel'



AgeYoung, ten winters -- Deceased
ResidenceWhereever he finds a place of rest within Bree-town


Outward Appearance

Appearance: Aerodin is only ten years old, but stands at 4’5”. He’s long limbed, slender and wiry, which only defines how skinny he is. The boy is an obvious product of poverty and malnutrition, bony and with sunken cheeks. His eyes are a sharp green, ones that only pay attention if they have the interest. His hair is a mop of brown locks, spilling out like an overgrown bowl cut. Most interestingly, though, is that he seems to lack a tongue—signs of damage in his mouth are long faded, hinting that he’s been without one for a long time.

Education: Can write basic things in Westron, knows his alphabet and such.

Languages Spoken: Out-loud, none, due to having no tongue. He often attempts to speak small things, so it seems that he was once able to speak at least Westron.

Weapons: He carries a blunt, rusted axe, the head nearly threatening to fall from the handle in such poor condition. He seems apt to use his hands to cause damage if the situation calls for it.

Occupation: Newfound apprentice under his adopted parents in their trade of apparent trade of human torture and mischief-causing.

Special abilities/skills: Not so much a skill, but an outstanding trait of his is to kill small animals and parade them around as his ‘friend’. He enjoys to show his friends off, and try to make other people happy with them as well; after being named ‘Rat’ by his adopted parents, he’s found joy in killing rats and gifting them to his parents and any other that may accept them. His most notable friends are a cat with a smashed-in head, and a human child who has been turned into a literal doll, named Nalladal.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Unable to speak, Aerodin has a horrid time getting his point across, and becomes frustrated and angry when others cannot understand. He cannot go anywhere without one of his ‘friends’, and has been known to act out and pitch tantrums when forced to go without a friend. Most recognize that despite how old he is, he acts like a much younger child; undoubtingly due to either brain trauma, emotional trauma, or underlying mental disorders already in place. His inability to speak only further hinders ones understanding of his much different brain.




Goldgel, Auga, Nalladal


Adopted Father: Goldgel , Adopted Mother: Auga


None so far


His 'friends', those who are kind to his friends, any who understand what he tries to get across


Not having a friend with him, those who cannot understand him, being treated unkindly


Make his new adopted parents proud and to gain a footing in the world!



Aerodin's Adventures

Aerodin's Adventures

Aerodin's Gallery

Aerodin's Gallery