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Wunjo Tunarazson


Has the duties as a chieftain's son

Agemiddle aged
ResidenceSpeaks of the lands north of the Mirkwood when asked of this.

The Free Peoples of Rhovanion , Woodmen of Mirkwood

Outward Appearance

A man with a strong back, broad clumsy limbs and a sunburned face that inspires distrust. That is his appearance on first glance of meeting. For those that hold little knowledge or thought about the northmen this is where the opinions may end.

Those more learned or well-travelled could perhaps have a better inkling about his persona, which shows in the proud challenging posture he maintains out of habit or necessity. Aswell as the possessions he has upon him; His eyes are an icy blue, a common trait among the northmen, his own seem to have a feral quality. Another northern aspect of him can be seen in his hairstyle for a long thick braid runs from his head while his chin is decorated with a forked beard. A beard shading the third aspect in line. The tattoos covering his neck. Deep brown-red, hooked and somewhat crude runic symbols are permanently set unto his skin, many mouths become silent at this sight for they seem to symbolize something cruel or dangerous.

He goes dressed in the fashion of his people, something that may perhaps come as funny to those whom have never seen such clothing before. To other northmen not belonging to his particular province, he may even seem dressed like their ancestors from ages past.

He can be seen with a thick beautifull cloak on his shoulders at times for warmth. He has a long red tunic that runs well beyond his waist, held against him with the help of a belt. His broad trousers,(from what can be seen) disappear from sight right below his knees, their puffed up appearance simply catching the eye. Further below he has thick woolen leg-bindings which are tied tightly in place to warm himself. And to the last there are his soft leather boots which are tightened around his feet with pulled cords, held in place with small bones from all sorts of animals. 



If one is to actually believe the stories he tells about his homeland, then one may realise he is one of the Woodmen that dwell north-west of Mirkwood's borders. It so appears he has a farm where his wives and children are supposed to live together by the strange peace that must come from such arrangements. He is the son of an accomplished man, which brings it's own responsibilities. Yet his heart lies with caring for the land and ofcourse, defending it. No, he is not the greatest of warriors among his people, yet he is skilled and experienced enough to have come to his current age. All things considered it is not a small accomplishment either perhaps, for among his folk he is already one of the elders after a count of three decades (more or less) of living.

He calls his home Honeyspot, wether this is a nickname is uncertain, but few ever really ask him more about his home specifically. 


His friends are plenty and usually found on his side.


Closest among his family are Uhruz his half-brother, Tunaraz his mighty father and perhaps most important Hagelaz his first wife


Rivalling families to his own, raiders from the east and the dark creatures living deep in the woods or mountains.




That which goes against his morality.


His ambitions range to many things, but it all leads up to a life of comfort for those he holds dear.



Whunjo's Adventures

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Whunjo's Adventures

Whunjo's Gallery

Whunjo's Gallery