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Azgarzir, Elf-Friend


Originally a farmer, now an Officer of The Warband of Imladris


The Warband of Imladris

Outward Appearance


A farmer's son, Azgarzir hails from 'somewhere south'.  If pressed he will reluctantly mention Anfalas and if pressed further will state that his father held Golasgil as his Lord.  There is perhaps something unpleasant in his past which he is unwilling to speak of, but he is always happy to speak of his passion - the history of the Eldar.  It was this passion, and the desire to learn more that motivated him to come north.


A chance meeting with the elf Malinanen at The Forsaken Inn first brought Azgarzir to the notice of the Warband of Imladris, and vice versa.  Having never spoken with one of the Fair Folk before, and fascinated and intrigued, Azgarzir asked question after question of the patient elf, whose quiet answers and amused demeanor merely increased his curiosity.


Inspired, he set off for Imladris the next day, determined to present himself to this 'Warband' and find a place in their ranks.  On arrival, awed by the beauty and power, the grace and learning he saw at Imladris, he vowed to serve, and the Warband provided a perfect opportunity.  Aided hugely by this group, Azgarzir's qualities and successes soon saw him offered the place he desired - an offer not to be taken lightly.


He has found trust, friendship and honour within this group, and has put his small network of friends and acquaintances at the service of the Warband.  The future is unknown, but in all the uncertainty Azgarzir comforts himself with the knowledge that he has at least begun his part in the fight against the Shadow.



A few.


None living that are spoken of.




Imladris, the history and culture of the Eldar


The forces of The Enemy are like rats. One does not waste time hating rats, one simply exterminates them.


To protect that which he holds most precious.


"All life is 6/4 against."

Azgarzir's Adventures

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Azgarzir's Adventures

Azgarzir's Gallery

Azgarzir's Gallery