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Stay in Rivendell - Day 1

Dear Diary,

My recent experiences within Imladris have simply been marvelous. I am loving every single moment I spend here watching the trees, the birds, the nature, and generally everything. I feel more connected to the Earth within this place. I can feel how life pumps in everything within the Valley. I can fully appreciate nature now.

Today I went to a social gathering comprised of many, many Elves. I was met with curious stares and politeness, and I had quite the enjoyment at the evening. There was plenty of music, conversation, and talking. I met many new Elves; Manadhlaer, Khalis, Isilmewen and many others as I have heard their names.

The Sindarin lessons Oldgrove has given me are a wonderful learning experience, and recently I came to learn of Lúthien Tinuviel and Beren, which Oldgrove tells me was one of the greatest romances within Middle-earth. He then explained to me that there were Half-elves within this world, though scarcely so. Oldgrove then revealed to me that he was a distant descendant of the Men of Númenor. And thus I came to learn of the Dúnadan, Men of the West, and Oldgrove bade me not to tell anyone in Bree when I return - should I return at all. A very enjoyable history lesson!

Now back to the Elven gathering. At some point realized that my father's sword had gone missing. I started to grow nervous and informed Hîr Galvathalion, at which point my saviour, Mirineth had offered to arrange for me to receive a sword of Elf-make in return for the new one. Galvathalion even advised me to seek out Khalis Imieran for Sword-training when I admitted that I could barely even swing a blade. Such kindness!

Here I come to the serious part; My ignorance and my narrow-minded views on the World were my undoing. I feel the guilt of knowing I simply contented to bathe in my riches while there was danger lurking about in the unknown corners of Middle-Earth. Ignorant I shall be no longer, for I have seen the rewards of Ignorance many a time. I do not want to be my old self anymore. When Galvathalion explained to me why I was receiving such noble gifts, I felt like a shroud was lifted from my eyes. The Elves have opened my closed sight and shown me that there is much more to the world than it is seen. They taught me kindness and compassion. I will repay them in kind by forsaking my old ways and learning theirs.

Yes, I will learn the ways of the Elves. May the Valar bless them!