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Conversations, Part 3.

Feet in the water, only a faint sound of branches crackling warned the huntress of her visitor. Not a word was exchanged as Athessa sat down on the rock next to Phaewyn. The two stayed there for a while, thinking, until the physician broke the silence.

"This is a nice place you picked, Phae," she declared.

"Not me, me da'. Back when," was the reply.

"Oh. Is this where you last saw him then?" 


Silence reigned for a few moments more, as the two contemplated the lake glistening in the sun.

"Somethin's a'troublin' ye' Tess. Ye' know ye' can talk t'me 'bout it," Phae then added. The physician avoided her friend's worried gaze.
"Yes, but for now, I need to figure it out on my own. It is why I came to you thinking stone. Is something troubling you, Phae?"

"Dun' know."

"You don't know...?"

"The lack o' troubles is troublin'."

"That... is surprisingly true. Though it is nice not to have anymore house fires."

"Wha's it ye' say? Calm 'fore the storm?"

"Yes. When did you get so philosophical?"


"Thoughtful, let's say. When did you get so thoughtful?"

"I'm on me thinkin' stone," the huntress replied simply, closing the conversation once more.

The heat of the day was building gradually, and the physician stood, climbing off the boulder to cool herself in the water.

"How was the hunting trip?" she asked her friend, as she splashed water on her neck.

"Fine an' dandy. Got in some nice profit, 'nough t'pay fo' mo' arrow tips," the huntress replied.

"Good. I see from the lack of serious wounds that the barbed arrows are effective?"

"They're spendid, aye. 'call 'em me shredders."

"Well, I'm glad you are safe."



" 'was lookin' a' me scar when I go' back."

"Is there anything wrong with it?"

"Nay, t'is fine. Jus' wanted t'thank ye' 'gain. 'been thinkin' o' them days."

"You do not need to thank me, you know."

"I'll never 'ave thanked ye' 'nough, Tess."