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A curious clasp

Aelthrandir sat by the fire stripping the bark from the length of branch he had cut to roast a coney, which lay skinned and gutted beside him. The evening was drawing in and a chill was in the air.

            It was not long before the light of his fire attracted someone walking the roads near Bree, a man who was seeking some warmth and rest. Aelthrandir welcomed him to the fire and continued to strip the branch, making it smooth as he would a length a wood to make a bow. He asked if the man was hungry and offered to share the coney he had caught. Satisfied with the stick he skewered the coney onto it and held it by the fire, turning it every so often as his guest explained his travelling to Bree by caravan. 

            From the wood, another figure approached also attracted by the warmth of the fire. She settled down and Aelthrandir also offered a piece of the cooking coney to her.  The discussion continued on where they had travelled from or where they are going. Shortly another figure approached the small gathering and Aelthrandir offered this newcomer a share in the meal. Talk of troubles on the roads began to dominate the conversation. A few orcs here and there, a group of men raiding local farms and a strange dark storm in distant lands.

            When the coney was cooked Aelthrandir portioned it into quarters and offered a piece to each of those gathered at the fire. A meagre meal to end the day and he commented on how he should have caught a boar instead. He sat content to hear the tales the others told of why they had arrived at Bree and the young man’s tale opposite him intrigued him the most. As he stirred the fire the young man spoke of his great-grandfather and a clasp that he had been given along with what remained his gear. The man showed Aelthrandir the clasp and to his surprise it was of a seven-pointed star. He allowed the man to explain how his relative had come from the North and returned there when he was nearing the end of his days.  The lady had since fallen asleep but the other traveller revealed himself to be an elf and offered his knowledge of the men of the North and spoke in length of their history and how a few still lived around Bree and watched the lands hereabout. How he was able to note them due to their height, dark haired and grey of eye, and carried themselves with a humbled nobility. The elf spoke then of the enemies they had and how many still remain hidden for those dangers still remained.

            As the night drew in the young man, naming himself as Aldasar, was determined that he would look for further cues and discover who his relative and ancestors where. The embers of the fires began to die down and the few who remained went about their own business to find more substantial shelter for the night ahead. Aelthrandir retrieved a pipe from his pack and stuffed it with some weed, smoking he thought over the questions Aldasar had, and hoped he would heed the warnings Aelthrandir gave him.