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The Madness in Bree

((OOC note: I'll be adding a few lyrics from a song solely to how Dryn would have thought of the events and a tad bit of entertainment. Kudos to you who know the song))


There's too many men, too many people

Making too many problems....


It's been a while since I have written until now. Things had gotten worse. I had gone to chase after Adalbart and Richard since they were going after Aallan still after knowing where he was. Despite of everything, he's still one of my friends and a damn good one at that.  I had to tread carefully, though, since I knew Aallan had tricks around the area. I did my best to stop them though did not want to fight those that were with them too much. They had caught me, tied me up, and put a sock in my mouth. Thought I was going to be there for quite a while unless I had Ghost to help. Then I heard the commotion ahead, knowing that Aallan was around the area. He eventually helped me out and we had escaped. Arrows were flying towards us, one managing to hit my left shoulder. I let Aallan take it out once the coast was clear to us before leading him to my home, seeing as how hardly anyone knows where I live save for a few. He helped tend to me and we discussed of what to do. I had to write a letter to Corrben and then something for the notice board. It was after that, that we had taken up new aliases and appearances until the coast is clear.


And there's not much love to go around

Can't you see this is the land of confusion?


I had gone to see of what was the outcome of the protest that I had posted up under my disguise as the mute scholar Orander. I was surprised to see people there earlier than I had thought though I kept my distance. I saw that those of the so-called Bloody Dawn was in the jail yard with the Watch to my disappointment. Why would sellswords help out with the law? It didn't make sense to me. They eventually, but with difficulty, let Bryn out of the jail. I followed a little bit as Conrob and Baldmar was helping her get to her horse. I revealed my necklace, something that would be the only thing to give myself away towards her. I watched Conrob and Bryn leave before making my way back to the protest.


This is the world we live in

And these are the hands we're given...


I watched as the protest had gotten worse and worse. As much as I had put the parchment on the notice board, it wasn't just about Bryn anymore but it was of the whole... Well, I suppose future of Bree. Not only for Bree but those who reside there one way or another. This wasn't what I had wanted truth be told but I was only one man among many men and women. I had feared that the events would later result in a fight. Not knowing of what to do, I went towards the homesteads to check on Conrob and Bryn.


Use them and let's start trying

To make it a place worth living in....


I eventually reached there, finding Conrob tending to the horses. I revealed myself to him to make sure he doesn't mistake me for some creep. He invited me inside and offered me cider while I waited for him to bring out Bryn. I felt bad for her. She was so exhausted, probably didn't get much to any sleep at all last night. We had talked for a little while before I had gone home. I didn't want to stay there for long since Bryn needed to catch up on sleeping and such.


Now I'm back home... I'm tired as hell, stressed as hell.. More than anything, though, I am confused as hell. What is right and wrong anymore? What should I do? Should I make up the wrongs and fulfill my fate as a Bree-lander? Or should I side with those that are from outside of Bree-land and those like Raven and the others? I feel so lost. Perhaps when I meet with Corrben sooner or later and talk to him, perhaps I could know of answers then.