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Raven's Ramblings: Appalled

Appalled is the only word I have.
I am appalled that the people of Bree willingly soak up the lies and slander their so called Watch spew out of their mouth, like thirsty, dry sponges thrown into a sea.
How has this even been allowed to happen?
I am baffled and appalled. Where do I even begin? They insult and slander visitors and citizens alike and expect us to respect them and bow down to kiss their boots? 
No. Respect is a two way road. it works both ways. If it is given, it is received. Those who abuse and misuse their power do not get it. I am not known for my patience or cool temper but this is... Tiring.
What even is Bree? I feel it is an enigma for a time and place neither here nor there, an entity on it's own. A slithering, skulking mound of miscreants and ill ilk piled in a corner, glaring and scowling, licking it's chops and slobbering all over, awaiting for it's next prey to snatch into the depths of it's endless maw, however it can be a gentle and mild maiden, a motherly touch. it can be a home and protector. Bree's moods, more volatile and unpredictable than my own.

Back to the events... A man is poisoning children to leverage fear and horror in people's hearts, apparently his gain is to get at the rich and powerful, yet the mock the woman who knows this information, calling her foul names I shant write down for it leaves a foul taste in my mouth. I woman was murdered in a horrific way I shall not recount either.
And the Watch? They do not care. Nay, they insult and ridicule us, saying we are nasty foreigners. Yet do they not realize this threatens them as well? These murderers running amuck threaten their wives, children and livelihoods.
They accuse us of wanting to start a war? I am a doctor, I am not a war monger. The only battles I fight are with illnesses, death and diseases and battles of tongue and wit. 
I do not wish war, I have seen enough of true war. However if they seek war so badly, fine, let them have their so called war and fight amongst themselves.
Horrific crimes are being done and they mock and ridicule. Tell us to go home, yet I ask; What home? We are refugees from a war. I am sent out of Gondor to preserve the lives of our line, and my daughters life, for Gondor is unsafe. Rohan is ravaged and burned. Again... What home, I ask. For Bree is my home now, and it is home for many others. I am a landowner and pay taxes like everyone else, I am not some beggar sitting in a tent in the alley. I do not disrespect the beggar's, for I give them medical aid whereas others would trod on them and spit upon them. Perhaps my emotions are raging...
The death of the children strikes fear in my heart for my little precious girl. Brynleigh... My dearest friend. The woman was arrested for absolutely nothing. Not even a lawful warrant. I have poured over the laws of this land myself when I arrived, I nitpicked through all the details. One cannot be detained without a warrant. it is unlawful. Why is it that a foreign doctor knows the laws of these lands better than those who apparently say they wish to protect it. They accuse me of harboring criminals and pirates. Nay, that is a falsity and a lie. I do not harbor criminals. I had a patient under my care that I had to see to that he was recovered. The patient was the medic for a pirate, yes, but the man's heart was quite in a good place, he seemed to be in teh wrong place at the wrong time, swept up in something far beyond his comprehension. The reason I did this, however, is that as a doctor, I swore an OATH! I swore an Oath to see to whoever needs it, regardless of their profession, regardless of whether they are a criminal or not. That does not matter to a doctor, all we see is a patient in need. I will NOT be an Oathbreaker to stroke the ego of the so called Watch. I am a man of my word, and I will keep my Oath.
I am a foreign surgeon, I should not be telling the guards how to do their job, yet I see much malpractice. 

If this is how things are going, then so be it. I am appalled.