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Blossoming Love

Raven slips quietly into the Inn,, pausing for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the dim, smoky room after having been outside in the bright, spring sunshine. While doing so, he sweeps his gaze about the room, the doctor taking his usual inventory of who was present and sought out any who looked injured or ill, as his work came first. 
Seeing no one in dire need, relieved, he makes his way towards the bar, pulling off his heavy gloves. He clasps them in his hands, one hand over the other, resting before him. His right hand was bearing a new adornment. A plain yet elegant wedding ring resided upon the doctor's hand. 
He approaches the bar, quietly ordering his usual brandy. He smiles at Barliman as he pays for his drink, murmuring his thanks, he steps away. The man moves to his usual haunt, leaning against a pillar near the center of the common room, idly fiddling with his new wedding band as he slowly slips at his drink, allowing his mind to wander...
Raven fidgets nervously with something in his pocket, pressing the cool metal and stones sharply against his fingers. The coolness and the sharpness of the ring cutting into his hand did little to ease his anxieties. He steels himself before yanking open the Inn of the Pony and stepping inside. He spies Ithy near the hearth, heading over to stand behind the smaller, younger man.
He clears his throat, Ithy jumping slightly and turns about quickly, relaxing when he spots Raven. Raven smiles, pulling his hands out of his pockets, something concealed in his palm as he reaches for Ithy's hands, murmuring softly, "I have something for you, my love." Ithy tilts his head in question, nodding.
Raven squeezes his hands gently before letting go, glancing down, nervous, "We've grown incredibly close... You've become a second father to Inga. I am..." He pauses before continuing, getting his courage, "I'm helplessly in love with you, Ithelion... You make me feel things I've never felt before.... Therefore..." He takes a step back, before dropping to one knee, producing a ring from his pocket; a beautiful silver band with three bright red rubies, representing the roses of Lossonarch to Ithy, "Will you be with me? Forever as my spouse, beloved Ithelion?"
Ithelion looks at him in shock, one hand moving to his mouth. He stands speechless before regaining his voice, "Yes, yes I will stay by your side as your spouse." He tears up a bit and drops to his knees to hug Rae. "Yes, I want to spend every moment with you I can!” He switches languages, “[S] I love you more then anything my dear Raeven."
Raven wraps his arms around him tightly, squeezing him gently before pulling back and quietly sliding the ring onto Ithy's finger, murmuring, "I know how fond you are of roses, dear... Tis a shame there are no rose shaped gems... not that I am aware of at least..." He rises up, pulling Ithy up gently with him.
Ithelion stands with him, a bright smile on his face. "Even though there were no rose gems I still have been blessed with the most handsome rose from the gardens."

Aallan glances over to the fireplace, and at the proposal in particular. He gives a light smirk and a shrug. "Hm. 'Bout time."
Cesistya 's gaze flits to the men near the hearth, and lingers curiously. A very small smile turns up the corners of her lips.