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Wayfarers Alliance

Founding date 23 February, 2017
Goal Offering a loose cooperative for fellow wanderers seeking landscape RP.
Main area of operations We can be found all across the world; in the wilds sharing campfires and in far-flung towns sharing pints.
Kinship type Mixed

None at this time.


None at this time.

Kinship status Dormant (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)


A hale and hearty welcome to you from the


Some feel called to leave their homes and lend arms to

fight the shadow brewing across the lands.


 Some set out to explore long forgotten ruins and seek

ancient tomes in the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.


Still others traverse long, winding roads simply out of

curiosity for the wide world... or even to escape a tarnished past.


We are Wayfarers, and we welcome you to our

circle regardless of your reasons and goals.


Here, we offer camaraderie for when your nights grow

lonely and solace for when your legs become weary.


Come, share your ingenuity and your tales with

kindred souls along the unbeaten path.




Wayfarers Alliance was founded as a Roleplay Focused kinship for North American players or those who keep similar play hours. Our theme is simple: we are a free association of travelers, explorers, and adventurers who respect individual character motivations and band together whenever our roads run parallel. We seek to expand overland and landscape roleplay.

Our level of roleplay can be described as heavy: we prefer most interaction to be story-driven and in-character. Kinchat is likewise in-character, styled as a fictional ‘community rec room’ in the form of a campfire in a dark but peaceful forest. We have a separate OOC channel for everyday chat and gameplay discussion to use as needed. Voice chat is not required. Our intent is to offer our members an opportunity to jump into immersion roleplay as soon as they log in.

All races and classes are welcomed within our fold. While we set no hard rules on how you should portray your character, we do stress the idea of brotherhood and we attempt to respect lore as much as a casual Lord of the Rings fan could be expected to.


Our few rules are common sense:

  • Be respectful to others. If there's a problem, work it out with maturity. Help others when and where you are able. Accept help graciously.
  • Keep roleplay enjoyable for everyone involved. Nobody likes godmodding, powerplaying, non-consensual or public ERP, and players who do not respect stated boundaries.

In a nutshell: Be chill and normal, please.



Currently we run one roving Roleplay event: our Campfire Nights, where we select one random campfire out in the world and invite anyone - kinmate or not - to come share food, drink, conversation and song. Campfire Night is a pop-up event that occurs as time and happenstance allows, just as it would if we were truly traversing the wilds.




Edmand Edmand Greyleaf Man
Jindir Jindir, the traveler Man
Kitowyn Kitowyn Man

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