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The White Wolf Inn.



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At the foot of the village of Towerglan, with which the Dawnhall overlooks, that well known haunt of mercenaries where the company of the Bloody Dawn resides. There lies an Inn, unremarkable in it's exterior, but crisply painted and well-maintained. Tables dot the yard as somewhere for patrons to sit in the warmer months of spring and summer, a lad mucks out the stables in the grounds where dwell the horses ridden by the patrons and over-night. Grounds well-tended apart from the inevitable wear and tear which comes from the plodding of hooves and the rolling wagon wheels of the carts oft on occasion parked upon the lawn, often loading and unloading goods into what appears to be a warehouse of a kind adjacent to the main structure. The first thing you would note as you make approach to the front door would be a sign over-hanging the entrance. Emblazoned upon it the striking image of a White Wolf. To walk beyond the threshold you must pass the armed guard, barring the way to any and all who have been cast out and black-listed for trouble-making as he would. The guard at the door will sometimes ask for a coin and bounce it upon a piece of wet wood. If the coin bounces once. It will be deemed to be genuine. And not forged. For the coins forged of cheaper metals do not oft follow the same trajectory. It is this practice which lead to doormen being called bouncers. Of which, you will note more than one on the premises.

As you step within the confines the first thing that you would feel is the heat from the roaring fire in the entrance hall depending on whether you visit during the colder seasons. There stands a noticeboard with useful information pinned, the house rules, menus of both food and drink along with pipe-weed for those who are literate enough to be able to decipher the words upon the parchment. Another guardsman stands in wait, where upon if you wish to enter further he will require for you to part with your weapons before allowing you to go any further. To be returned to you only on departure.

Warm laughter and merriment reaches your ears from within the main hall, you might hear the sound of music perhaps on occasion or song from a wandering bard or perhaps simply one of the locals with a mind for the hobby.

Cozy surroundings immediately envelop you, the air thick with pipe-smoke as you wander into the common room. In deep conversation by the roaring fireplaces some, others sat alone whilst you are now able to place the source of the laughter and music and song by the sight of the merry gathering. Most of them local craftsmen and labourers who dwell within the village itself. For this is not the Prancing Pony in Bree at the crossroads of the Greenway and the Great East Road where travellers are more like to congregate. Still, mercenaries do frequent the establishment along with the odd passing merchant and wanderer nevertheless. Some of the men play dice and gamble, others partake of board games. It is in fact, your typical village Inn. Far from ostentatious, but it would be very well kept and cleanly. Creative taxidermy is however a talking point, animals posed with mugs as though joining in the merriment.

Manning the counter stands the ever formidable Elizabeth Thorntree, or 'Bessie' as she would be known to most. A woman getting on in years, ginger hair tied up conservatively in a bun with more grays in her hair than not and lines upon her forehead. She rules with an iron will, enforcing the landlord's rule without favouritism or discrimination. She suffers no nonsense from troublemakers and to the guardsmen posted within her word is law. She manages the day-to-day smoothly and efficiently. Though she does spend a good portion of her time chivvying along the waitressing staff. The beautiful Nancy who helps her work the bar and tavern floor and the equally as stunning cook, Edith. Who during quieter times can be seen to gossip and shirk their duties and be idle if they are not kept a close eye on. It is rumoured that they are known to engage in the world's oldest profession on the side when not working, one might learn.

It is in the varied drinks on offer, where the White Wolf Inn truly shines, ranging from the affordable mostly on tap but usually of good quality to the more expensive brews, vintages or distilled beverage. In the cellar that which the average patron cannot afford. Pipe-weeds cheap and dear sold over the counter by the pouch to bring further revenue to this seemingly thriving enterprise. 

The Inn has one function room in the back that can be accessible for private gatherings should one wish to spend the coin. For there is a fee for it's usage and hiring.

The food is simple for the most part as per usual Bree-land fare, cost depending on the meat or fish used in preparation usually. An open kitchen upon a platform leaves the mouth watering in anticipation to those with a hunger. Whether it be from the scent or the sight of the cook. Many meals prepared throughout the day. Delicious smells creating a potent aroma throughout.

Rooms come at a bargain for the night, the decour far from lavish. But warm. Doubtless advertised at a cut-price to draw in more custom from afar as an alternative given that the village of Towerglan is not a natural thoroughfare as earlier mentioned.

For those who seek good food, cheer, drink and merriment along with a bowl of leaf at the end of a hard day's work and the odd song. The White Wolf might be for you. But the common room is too watched over by an armed guard, troublemakers are dealt with swiftly and not tolerated within the walls.

It's doors are always open, night and day. All are welcome.

((OOC: This is the beginning of a resource concerning the White Wolf Inn, or documents that would be posted to it's noticeboard, stories related to it's staff or the landlord Seaver when they relate to the Inn itself, in or around it. The White Wolf is intended to be a place for light social RP should folks choose to visit it or events are held. No stabbings, no poisonings or trouble of any serious nature without prior discussion first. Please be aware that the armed guardsmen on the premises are very keen and that IC actions have IC consequences and could lead to you not be allowed inside depending on your character's actions and they would be very large, skillful bouncers with a lot of experience. The staff there for the most part are invisible NPC's to be emoted (Bessie, Nancy, Edith, the guards etc.) but not to be taken liberties with where it suits so there is always someone to serve given that it is impossible for players to be on 24/7 at other's demand. But I am open to the hiring of actual players as well to fulfill roles in the tavern if there are busy events and impromptu casual RP sessions if there are those willing to do so on a loose flexible basis if the demand or need for it arises. This chronicle is a work in progress.))


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