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Raven's Ramblings: Surrounded by Idiots

Conrob is... an idiot. Daft, tactless, does not THINK. I do not think that man has ever thought through an action in his life. Despite his years, that man has not learned that actions have CONSEQUENCES. Nor is he willing to take the fall for his actions.
I learned it at quite a young age. If I misbehaved, father raised his hand and I was hurt. Lesson learned. If it was not for Bryn's presence I would have decked the man right on his behind several times already. I could hardly care if he was nearly twice, if not three times my size, being a doctor, I can take out a man many times my size effectively. Pressure points are wonderful things. Not to mention my training as an assassin.
The man had the gall to demand that he be put on my will and proceed to insult me, in my own house. If anything, I should be put on his will, as his heart should give out any day at his age. The gall of some folks. Tis unbelievable! If this was Gondor, he would be flogged many times for his disrespect towards me. Oh! How my hands itch to wipe that sneer off his face with my fist!
He makes my skin crawl with disgust, the way he treats Brynleigh is the way my father treated my mother afore she took her own life. How I wish to sweep her away. I am not a controlling man, unlike Corncob... I know how it is to be whipped and reined in like some show horse.
Perhaps he doesn't physically raise his hand to her, but emotionally? Pah! The man does not realize that emotional hurts run deeper and harsher than physical. He fails to realize that he single-handedly ruined the only blasted friendship I have it this gods-forsaken, sorry excuse of a town. The one person I trust with my life and my daughter's life won't even bloody look at me anymore.
Perhaps he's right, maybe I should do them a favor and die the next time I get stabbed.
I cannot do that. I can't give him the cold satisfaction of prying Inga from my cold, dead fingers like he so wants... The sick bastard... I made a promise to Brynleigh, I intend to keep it. I shall live for her, even if she wants nothing to do with me anym-
((The writing cuts off suddenly, splatters of ink and blood on the page))