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A Case of Pirates


Othol under the care of Raevanhart

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((This stained paper is from a small well kept book that Othol carries around with him. A few words are crossed out and there is a lightly drawn ship on the page behind the words down with charcoal. ))

Chronicle Content

Today has been the least advent filled since my coming to this place with my Captain and his crew. I've been sitting in a chair writing and reading what I can from the many medical books around. My chest still hurts but for one who has probably ground what is left of my broken ribs to dust I can say I feel better then I did a few days ago.  Ah where to start, there have been so many twists and turns in what I thought would be a simple life. When I first came here I found comfort with an elf and then a large man. I blame only myself for what happened afterwards. They talked and things were found out, I left to go to an old ruin by the Brandywine, the same river our ship sailed up. I remember looking down at the river and hearing a growl behind me, a she bear and her cub where not happy that I was there. I lost my footing and fell onto the bank of the river below. I was sure I would die there. I woke up to more pain then I thought possible but Lirskald was there beside me. I couldn't move but I was very thankful for his company, I still am. 

Over the next few days I hobbled around on a crutch, my leg in splints. My captain was pleased I was alive but less pleased with me being 'half dead' as he put it. Everything was fine until the crew got into scuffles. The battle planer came to me half dead after we gave him the crew brand. I did what I could including tying him to a bed to keep him from moving around though he must have gotten out at some point. Oh well. There is little I could do at the time. Before this my captain caught writing.

For a former blacksmith's apprentice I should know little of how to write but I do and it has helped me a bit. He put me in charge of keeping the ledger. The Gondorian doctor whom I talked to earlier that morning came in with pine needle. The man had scurvy, even this I knew and fruit was not in great supply. His help was much needed however my captain got into a scuffle it seems and the doctor was sliced by his axe.

Lords of the sea have  mercy on our souls. It was the final straw for people to snap. Daft captain and his lack of a heart, the watch was watching as were other people. 

No more then a couple days later a man came up to a crew mate saying he had news. The crewman blew him off and I took him somewhere we could talk. He told me a man named Brigwald was after us. The name means little to me but when I came back Bricky, the crew member who blew him off and ignored him, and I had to run as a hobbit brought a watch man to us. After the run my chest was on fire. I found a lady in a garden who helped me to a safe place. I remembering having coughs before running but the escape seemed to have made them worse. She ran out to get help.

I waited for her return after asking for the Raven feathered healer. She cam back with the man in tow and I knew I would be safe. He had a child with him and I made a note to murder my captain if he ever raised a hand to the child. The doctor made a tea while his daughter watched over me. The cute thing got onto me for moving as Lir was beside me and holding my hand. I'm glad for him being at my side again. With him holding my hand the way he was I could only think of how much it must look like a horrible play of a lady having a child. I said something and he seemed confused. I mentioned adopting a child someday but said no more on the matter as there is past that even I don't want to live again.

I did what could while laying  in the bed over the next day until the captain came in. He talked to me a bit and I explained that someone was after us along with the watch. Later I was brought news that he had been flogged. Fifty lashes for a broken bottle. Even I'm not that mean of a man. They had no charges and still held him over night. No man should be held on only air. There must be a court somewhere in this cursed town however I don't want to meet it. Would be no better to us. 

Lirskald, Raevenhart's brother and Gayle, the lady who let me stay at her house and got help, helped move me to another house so I would not be found by the watch. I can walk now but at the time I would had to have been dragged out and I would not be a lucky as my captain as the lashes in my state could have done more damage. I have no desire for my lungs to be filled with blood and drown in the one thing that gives me life. I will be safe here for now and the captain himself is protected by his brother, Richward, who left the ship after being told not to. They make quite a pair though one is a bear and the other the fox and when you see them it's not hard to see who is which.

For now I shall put my pen down and rest. I need as much as I can get before something more happens. To the lords of the seas, may your fortune smile upon us even this far from our home. To the ladies of the sky, may we survive this with was grace you give us. -Othol Darksmith 

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