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Othol 'Othy' Darksmith


Corsair/ Pirate

AgeMiddle Aged

The Black Sails

Outward Appearance

Othol Darksmith is well build man working as a doctor with a crew of Corsair pirates. He has raven black hair, green eyes and tan skin from working in the sun. He has two brands in his skin showing his part with the crew of a ship called the Hade's Pearl. One is one his wrist, covered by his sleeve is one his side, above his ribs. He is missing his left eye after a troubling past and a scar runs across it.



Othol is quiet man (except around those of his crew) that likes his brandy and rum . He is handsome and a bit travel worn as the scar on his face shows. When he does speak it's not a kind language, a harsh choppy sets of words that makes those around him question where he is from. His face is scared and his middle age youth holds a bit of wisdom to it. He is a healer by trade though at one time or another he was a blacksmith. He can read and write though not as well as some might think. He has much to learn as a healer but it doesn't stop him from doing what he can for anyone around him. He is well liked among his crew though he is teased quite a bit for not picking up a sword.

Othol is a healer for the crew of the Hade's pearl and will help those in need even though his practices are a bit harsh to say the least. He carries a large claymore and at times a dagger and shield. Though he never uses them against anything living. He dresses in a bright red or black in order to be grabbed in cases of need. His brand as part of the crew is on his side. He has another on his wrist that is more for show. His bed side manner is about as nice as a rose's thorn though he has been known to be kind. He holds many memories he would rather not be brought up, the loss of his eye being the main.

He is not a forceful man nor will he ever be. He will only push others around verbally when needed for medical reasons. He has even tied a crew member down to keep him from injuring himself more in a rare case. 


Edgeward, Lirskald Raevenhart






The Sea, Rum and Brandy, Lirskald, helping those around him.


People that raise themselves above others, crew who don't listen to his sound medical advice, rude people


To serve his captain


"I heal those who in the crew are injured because someone has to."

Othol's Adventures

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Othol's Adventures

Othol's Gallery

Othol's Gallery