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Founding date
Goal Our goal is to amass riches and prestige through work.
Main area of operations None
Kinship type Man




Kinship status Active (not recruiting)
Recruiting Officer(s)



Blackthorn started out with just Marsdan Hawke and Dagramir Audun two men searching for work in Bree, Marsdan has knowledge in most weapons and healing, Dagramir is the stealthy and quick man of the team. They then met Ebold the Undying an old friend of Marsdan's who he had met whilst doing a contract, he is the heavy hitter of the lot, Ebold agreed to join them and they had the idea of making a team. The three men knew this was a good idea but they were missing a ranged member of their team.

Marsdan's half sister Bethlyn Hawke met them in the Combe and Wattle inn, she was an archer, half Dunedain and excited to help them with their idea. So now they had a team all of them agreeing to split whatever pay they got four ways all they needed now was some contracts...


Bethlyn Bethlyn "Speedy" Hawke Man
Dagramir Dagramir Audun Man
Ebold Ebold the Undying Man
Marsdan Marsdan "Mars" Hawke Man

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