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The Hall of Fire, Imladris

The Hall of Fire in the evening of the gathering was well attended by representatives of Bar En Vanimar and others from beyond the vale. Khalis was pleased to see many of his long standing friends and allies in the hall of whom many he had a great deal of respect for. As with each and every time he intruded upon such gatherings he was enamoured by the beauty of the fabric and detail upon the dresses worn by the ladies which only added to their own radiance.

Khalis himself was dressed in the black leather with gold embossing he favoured when he served as a Captain under Hiril Elisbeth in the service of Lord Elrond. As always at his side was his long sword which as much a part of him as the arms which wielded it. The blade itself was believed to be cast from the metal extracted from a rock which fell from the sky in an earlier age. He knew not how it came to be in his possession for that is one of the many memories which were lost to him in the past.

The attendees ate and drank of the fine food & wines favoured in Imladris and the talk spread from happenings across the vale and the lands to the east and southern regions to often more lighter topics. Then a question was asked enquiring about the most notable skills of Bar En Vanimar to which Hiril Manadhlaer replied saying why cooking of course! There was much laughter and the conversation turned to a lighter note added to more so by the sudden appearance of Daegond from under the table.

As time passed Khalis began to feel ill at ease. He had spent so many years riding and fighting in the defence of the the elven people that he often felt he lacked many of the social graces on show today. He may be a notable maethor and a respected commander but he would never earn any praise for his dancing or flute playing. The rewarding thing about playing his flute in the dead of night was that the winds through the vale did not offer back any comment.

With the moon high in the clear evening sky Khalis did make his excuses to leave the gathering and see to the sentries. A duty he was no longer obliged to do but the warders of the vale still seemed to be reassured by a friendly word or two at their posts. Indeed he felt comforted to by the act so familiar to him, maybe he was going soft he mused to himself. His tour of the vale took him to the stables where he found his mare awake and seemingly as restless as he was. So he placed the saddle upon her back and they both headed westward together, she was a good listener!