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Founding date November 2013
Goal To respond to the budding evil in Eriador with all the strength we can muster, for the elves of Mirkwood know what destruction darkness brings unto their homes. We wish for no one to suffer a similar fate.
Main area of operations Since we are fairly nomadic in that we follow the trail of evil, we have no set area of operation. Cherth-e-Eryn can be found in the wilderness or within cities.
Kinship type Elven
Kinship status Disbanded
Recruiting Officer(s)

Velsirien, Lastiel, Eldarane, Daelindriel, Talenthir


Long has it been that the wood-elves battled against ever-spreading darkness. From the early years of the Third Age, a plaguing evil stole through countless forces of Elven-kind, claiming life, land, and ultimately, the Greatness of the Greenwood. 1050 T.A., Sauron's gloom falls upon the Southern groves of the forest that would now forever be known as Mirkwood, marking a battle that would not end until either the former glory of the glade be bestowed once more, or shadow engulf the land.

A militia of those who wished to protect their homes and loved ones alongside the army of the Elvenking, Cherth-e-Eryn arose in the year of 2049 T.A., aiding in the first destruction of Dol Guldur led by the White Council. sp;As The Watchful Peace settled in, whispers and rumors of wrights, Ularie (Nazgul), and Cargul in other elven lands reached our ears. Some still had fire in their hearts, for they could not forget the damage that was done to their homes; others had vowed to never allow evil destroy any more than what it already had, and in a search for answers, a need for vengeance and more, we set out to the Western lands to aid our brethren, and continue to do so until the safety of our lands are ensured.


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