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Citizens of Caras Galadhon


Founding date 4th of December 2007
Goal Aid the ones in need
Main area of operations Caras Galadhon
Kinship type Elven

The Rangers of Caras Galadhon, The Galadhrim, Laiquendi Order, Duilhomtiano



Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Einior/Tûr: Seladina Neuro: Talewyn Caun's:Nierian, Therlanna, Ruwi



How it all started


Lord of Valnas and the Lady of Risor.

In the first age the Lord of Valnas and the Lady of Risor married and formed The House of Raina. After a few years their daughter was born and she was known as Lady Alya of The House of Raina.

Lady Alya of The House of Raina
Protector Minaithelan Haldor.

Halfway of the second age, in the forest of Laurelindórenan, Lady Alya of The House of Raina did meet Protector Minaithelan Haldor and they fell in love with each other. The wedding was in the year 1582 of the second age and they took the name of Haldorin.
On the ending of the second age they got a daughter, she was called Selaxina Haldorin. And in the beginning of the third age in the year 242 another daughter was born and they named her Seladina Haldorin.

The dead of Alya and Minaithelan.

In the year 376, of the third age, Minaithelan and Alya and their two daughters went on a trip and followed Ândurm, The Great River past the Gladden Fields to Cârrock. After staying in Beorn, at the border of Cârrock and Rhosgobel, for a few weeks, the family took The Old Forest Road to the Mountains of Mirkwood.
When Minaithelan, Alya and their two daughters arrived at the crossing of The Old Forest Road and River Running where they were attacked by Robbers from Rhûn and Orcs from Mordor. Alya told Selaxina and Seladina to run to the north following the river.
Minaithelan and Alya fought the robbers and orcs. After a fierce fight, and many dead robbers and orcs, an orc threw an axe which hit Alya in the back. Minaithelan saw that Alya was hit and ran to her. At that moment he was hit by three arrows in the chest and within a few minutes they both died. Selaxina and Seladina managed to get away.

The escape of Selaxina and Seladina.

Selaxina and Seladina followed the River Running north, trough the Forest and Mountains of Mirkwood till they arrived at Esaroth upon the Long Lake and stayed at the lake for the night under a big tree. It was a cold night and they could not make a fire because the Robbers of Rhûn and the Orcs of Mordor could be nearby. In the morning, Seladina asked Selaxina what they should do. Go further north in the direction of Eredor the Lonely Mountain or follow the Forest River in to Mirkwood? They decided to follow the Forest River in to Mirkwood.
Many days later, Selaxina heard a strange noise in the forest and they went into hiding. From the forest a male elf walked to the river and took a drink from it. Selaxina and Seladina were happy to see an elf and came out of hiding and asked the elf, named Caranion from The House of Tawarthion, if he could help them. After Caranion heard the story of what happened to Selaxina and Seladina, he agreed to help them.
He took them to his hidden house in Mirkwood Forest where his daughters Sonra and Ruwi where cooking a meal. In the next few days Selaxina and Seladina rested to gain back some strength for the long journey. In the mean time, Caranion went to the crossing of the Old Forest Road and River Running where Minaithelan and Alya fought the robbers and orcs, to find out what happened to them. He found their body's dead beside the river and buried them in the forest near a big black rock.
Back in his house he told Selaxina and Seladina what happened to their parents. They were shocked and didn't know what to do. Caranion offered let them stay as long as they wanted.

A few days in Mirkwood Forest.

The year is 1076 of the third age and it is a nice morning in the spring. The sun is rising slowly above the trees in Mirkwood and the birds fly high in the sky to the south. Then suddenly one of those birds fly's down and lands on a small twig near a house. He jumps a few times between a few twigs and looks through a window of the house. There Seladina is turning around in her bed unwilling to get out of it. Suddenly a voice shouts: "Seladina, for the last time... Get out of your bed!!!" "Yeah, yeah, I'm coming" said Seladina. When Seladina entered the living room Ruwi was making breakfast, and the other two girls where sitting outside in the morning sun. After breakfast, Sonra proposed to go on a camping trip in the north-eastern part of Mirkwood near the border of the Kingdom of Thranduil for a few days. Selaxina and Ruwi did not like the idea and said they were going to fish in the Forest River. So Sonra and Seladina packed their gear and went on a hike for a few days. After one and a half day of walking around they came to the top of a small hill at the edge of east Mirkwood Forest. In the distance they saw Erebor the Lonely Mountain. "Lets stay here for few nights" Seladina said and Sonra agreed. The view was so beautiful... A day later, it was almost three o'clock in the afternoon, they were both laying down and enjoying the sun. Then suddenly an elf came running out of the forest with his hands covered in blood. "My name is Alekz Eldosar. Can you please help me with my friend Tûrin, we were attacked by a pack of gray wolves and he is badly wounded. Sonra and Seladina jumped up and followed Alekz into the forest. After fifteen minutes of running they reached the wounded Tûrin. They tried to help him, but he was so badly wounded that he died half an hour later. The three of them took the dead body and carried him back to their camp site, where they buried him after a short ceremony. That evening, Alekz told the story of what happened to them. Seladina and Sonra offered to help Alekz further. He said: "It's a nice offer, but I need to go home to tell Tûrin's family what happed.". They stayed up long into the night to hear stories of Tûrin's life. Next morning, all three left the campsite and Alekz said: "Till next time we meet. I will remember you forever. Thanks for your help.". The journey back to their house took a day. They arrived home late at night and went straight to bed.

The journey to Eriador is about to begin.

Many, many years went by. Selaxina and Seladina explored the forest around the house were they lived with Caranion, Sonra and Ruwi.
One day Caranion called the four girls together in the living room of his house and said to them: "Selaxina, Seladina, I found out about an old Lore Master in Ered Luin that most likely knows some relatives of you. However, the journey to him is too dangerous for just the two of you so my daughters will accompany you and the four of you should start training.".
Sonra became a Champion because she was always good with swords and close combat. Seladina and Ruwi went to train to become hunters and Selaxina wanted to be a minstrel because she was good at healing.
Again many years went by while the four friends improved their skills. When the year 3015 of the third age began, Caranion spoke again to the four girls.
"Girls" he said, "you've trained enough to start your journey to Ered Luin. Start your journey by taking the north route to Eriador. When you reach the north of the Blue Mountains you will go south and from that point on the rest of the journey should be easy to Ered Luin. In a place called Celondim you will find a Lore Master with the name Mirthred of Dale. He will tell you almost everything you want to know.
But before you go, you four need to make a promise to each other.". And they did that by saying the following oath:

Ed' sana sina vesta, amin ' haba coia a' lle,
Manka ai'er Tyara harwar er en' lye,
Amin khiluva sen a' gurtha ar' thar

By taking this oath, I bind my life to yours.
If anyone harms one of us,
I will follow them to death and beyond.

By taking this oath their decided to form a kinship and gave it the name The House of Haldorin. 

Sonra, Ruwi, Selaxina and Seladina
taking the north route.

In the early morning, the kinship left Caranion from The House of Tawarthion and went to the north to Ered Mithrin, the Grey Mountains by following the Forest River to the north. After two weeks they arrived at the foot of the mountains and took the high pass between Mount Gundabad and Ered Mithrin (The Grey Mountains). Forodwaith was the next region their entered and it was a vast region. The kinship refilled their supplies before going into Forodwaith, to the north. Walking for weeks north across the vast plains of Forodwaith they were lucky to find the small lake as told by Caranion. The small lake was close to the border of  the Northern Waste. Because the winter was getting close, the kinship decided to build a sturdier camp near the small lake that would protect them. A few days later the camp was ready and they started to fish and gather plants and roots. In the next three months they build up a good stock pile that would last them through the winter. After the winter the Kinship prepared to continue the journey to the west to the river with no name. They buried the remainder of their stockpile in case they ever needed to come back here.
Again, the kinship walked for weeks and weeks and arrived at a bend in the river with no name. Then they followed the river west till they reached the Icebay of Forochel. It was summer but the bay was still frozen. They crossed it and arrived in the north west of Eriador at the feet of the blue mountains. The weather was much better here and after a days rest the kinship headed south on the east side of the blue mountains.

The mighty dwarf Baardmans

After walking for some days they were startled by a deer that suddenly crossed their path. Chasing the deer was a dwarf, but the deer was much to fast for the dwarf and escaped. Out of breath the dwarf stopped and asked: "Why did you not stop the deer?". And Ruwi answered: "Why? That's easy, we did not know that you were following it.". The dwarf sat down and mumbled a bit in himself: "Elf's..... always the same.". Then Sonra walked up to the dwarf and asked: "Do you know the way to Celondim?". The dwarf stood up and thought deeply. "No." He said, "I do not know exactly where Celondim is, but I know a female Lore Master who stays in Gondamon from time to time, and maybe she knows Celondim.". "So are you willing to guide us to Gondamon then?" Sonra asked. "Yes, of course, if you are are willing to share your food with me.". "Agreed" Sonra said. "Let us introduce ourselves. I'm Sonra and this is Seladina, Ruwi and Selaxina from the kinship The House of Haldorin.". "I'm Baardmans" the dwarf replied. So Baardmans joined the kinship and Baardmans led them south to Gondamon

Liqua the lore master from Duillond

Three days later the kinship arrived in Gondamon, a fortified dwarf trade settlement. Walking around in Gondamon looking to the goods for sale, Baardmans found  the female Lore Master Liqua. He spoke with her for some hours. In the mean time the rest of the kinship bought some goods on the marked and found some tables to drink and eat. Baardmans went together with Liqua to the group. Liqua said: "Baardmans told me who you are and what you are looking for. And I'm happy that I can help you. My name is Liqua from Duillond. Celodim is just south of Duillond. I will show you the way to it.". That evening the kinship and Liqua left Gondamon to Celondim. On the way there, they talked a lot and Liqua joined The House of Haldorin.

Mirthred of Dale and his friends

Two days later the kinship arrived in the beautiful elvish city Celondim. Almost directly they found Mirthred of Dale. Seladina walked up to him and said: "We are Selaxina and Seladina. We are send by Caranion from The House of Tawarthion and he told us that you might know some relatives of us.". "Let me see..." Mirthred said. "I need to look in some old scrolls for that. Come back tomorrow and I can tell you more.".
The next morning the kinship returned to Mirthred and he started to tell a long story about elves from Lothlorien and the war against Angmar and at the end of the story he said: "I found a book and it contains some tips and missions to do. But the book will not tell you where your relatives are. The only thing I know is that it is the first of many books and it will most likely guide you to the great elvish city of Caras Galadhon. There an elf lives that can help you. I do not know the name of the elf, but what I can do is help you with the book and I have some friends that are willing to help you all with it, because the journey ahead contains some fierce fighting and you need all the help you can get. Their names are: Bogomil, Oled, Bogro and Ethelrina.". So, the Kinship became stronger again and now had eleven members.

The way to the old forest

Next morning the kinship gathered and Mirthred started to read from the book. Suddenly he closed it and said: "We need to go north and then cross a river named River Lune and go east in the direction of the Shire.". And so they did. Many weeks and fights later, the Shire was just behind them,  the kinship crossed the Brandywine river and entered the old forest. Mirthred opened the book again at chapter eight and started to read. Then he said "I have some bad news, our kinship is too big to continue this journey. Some of you need to go home otherwise we will gain too much attention in the old forest. We can only go on with five of us. So who wants to go home? I arranged with the elf's of Celondim that who is going back home can sail to the west with them.". After a long discussion they all agreed that Bogomil, Sonra, Baardmans, Oled, Bogro and Ethelrina should sail west with the elf's.

Mugendo the minstrel

The kinship moved on into the Old Forest. It was a dangerous place to be. Suddenly some trees, wolves and spiders attacked the kinship. The kinship was outnumbered. Their only chance of survival was  to split up and run away so Mirthred shouted to Ruwi and Seladina: "Keep going north and if you do not find us anymore keep following the book.". Mirthred, Selaxina and Liqua went south. the attackers followed them, but they managed to escape. In the mean time Seladina and Ruwi ran to the north and at the edge of the Old Forest they saw a house. While approaching the house a minstrel was waiting near the door and was smoking some good pipe weeds. "Hello, we are Seladina and Ruwi" spoke Seladina to the minstrel. "Nice to meet you. My name is Mugendo and I live in the shire." The Minstrel said. "Are you willing to share a meal with me this fine evening?". Seladina and Ruwi could use a good meal after such a long day. While sitting at the campfire Ruwi told the story of them to Mugendo. The next day the three took off to do a quest from the book. it was the last quest of that book and while doing it they found a second book. Mugendo told the two that he needed to go to Bree. Seladina and Ruwi also needed to go there so they took of to Bree the next day. Arriving in Bree, Mugendo told the other two that he had some different tasks to do and went off to Combe. Seladina and Ruwi spent the night in the Prancing Pony. Next day the two rent a horse and went to the Forsaken Inn in the Lone-Lands as was written down in book two.

The Lone-Lands and Ruwi's departure

After arriving at the Forsaken Inn, Ruwi went in and came back with some new quests to do. Weeks past by and all went well till they saw the former stronghold of Ost Guruth. The two where happy to see it because they where tired of all the fighting from the past few weeks. That night Ruwi told Seladina that he could not carry on anymore it was too heavy for him. So they went back to Bree to see if there was a place to stay for Ruwi. One week later in Bree they found Mirthred, Liqua and Selaxina again and told that it was too heavy for Ruwi. Mirthred said: "Ruwi we bring you to the Grey Havens so that you can sail  to the west.". After a long farewell , Ruwi went with the three to the Gray Havens and Seladina continued with the second book.

Can there be love...

Weeks past by before Seladina realised that it would take along time before the books where finished. And she had no home to stay. So she bought a small home in Falathlorn homesteads and take some time off to rest for a while. One night Seladina went to the Prancing Pony in Bree for a evening of relaxation. While sitting at a table she met a guy with the name Lindaran and started to talk with him. It was a nice evening. The two agreed to come back next evening and the evening after that. Also on some evenings Maldorthion, a friend of Lindaran, was there and they all had a good time together. At some point Seladina started to get feelings for Lindaran, but found out from Maldorthion that he was in love with someone else. Seladina was sad because Lindaran loved someone else. But Maldorthion was not happy seeing Seladina sad and went to her and tried to comfort her. The two spent a lot of time together and Maldorthion started to fall in love with Seladina. Seladina did not noticed it but one evening Maldorthion knelt for Seladina, offered her a flower and ring and asked her to marry him. Seladina was a bit surprised but realized that she loved Maldorthion to. So she said "Yes, yes I do.". The next week Maldorthion moved in with Seladina but the house was too small for the two love birds so their moved to the shire homesteads to a deluxe house. Weeks went by while Maldorthion and Seladina were planning their wedding and spent a lot of time together. Because the two where getting married soon the kinship name was changed too. The family name of Maldorthion was Eldosar and that name became a part of the kinship name. The new name was The House of Eldosar. Again the weeks went by and all went well for the two. But one evening Seladina came home and found that Maldorthion was not there. She thought he will be home tomorrow. But the days went by and Maldorthion still did not come home. She was very worried by now and started to look around in every corner of Eriador but could not find him. Time went by and Seladina was very sad. At some point she decided the she needed to go on with her life. Then suddenly Maldorthion came back and told her that his father died and that he went to Mirkwood to handle family matters. But something happened with Seladina in the time that Maldorthion was gone, she realized that she loved Maldorthion but not anymore as her boyfriend and told him that she liked someone else. Maldorthion was very sad but Seladina could do nothing to make him happy. Weeks later Maldorthion met her in Bree and told her he was in love with Liorae, a lovely elvish girl. Maldorthion and Seladina agreed to stay very good friends.

Citizens of Caras Galadhon

Seladina bought a new house in Falathlorn homesteads and decided to go on with the second book. Also she heared a lot of rumors that the dwarfs are trying to open the Mines of Moria. The dwarfs must be crazy, she thought, but she also realized that this could be an opportunity to go to Lothlorien to her real home. But the Mines of Moria are too big to travel alone and there must be more people in Eriador that want to go to Lothlorien. So she started thinking for a few days... and came up with the idea to gather more people that wanted to go to Lothlorien. And she renamed the kinship to the Citizens of Caras Galadhon she retook the same oath because that was that was a good memory of the past. She decided to find more people that were willing to join the Citizens of Caras Galadhon and find the way to Lothlorien...

The story will continue.....


Seladina Seladina Haldorin Elf

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