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"Drandr" of the Northmen.


Carpenter and general 'handy-fellow'

AgeHe doesn't know.
ResidenceAt home with his wife, in the Bree-land Homesteads.


Outward Appearance



Born as one of the Northmen of Rhovanion within the wide Northern plains between the River Celduin and the River Carnen in the East. Éadrandr was born within one of the smallest tribes of the Plainsfolk, their hope sat upon a small hillock with over looks the snaking body of the River Celduin. Raised under the shadow of the Great Wood, he was tought from an early age the ancient tales of the old tribes and the ancient Princes of Rhovanion. Tought of the Wains and the Easterlings that once called his people thralls. Skilled in horsemanship, hunting and woodcraft - like all Northmen. Life was easy and simple and often houghty with good cheer and ale! But alas, a earning did reside within his heart. Upon the behest of a Dwarf skald, he headed West, over the Misted Peaks and into the unknown West-lands. Now married and settled in a Land he has grown to love, shall he ever return to the East for good? Ride horse, drink merrily, strike the lyre?  

'Here is to the ending of arrow's flight. Here is to last vail of bright stars that clap kiss upon your eye for the last. Here is to Meade Oath fullfilled. Here is to the last search for twig and hewn buttercup!

Alas now shall bow remain unstrung, never tense. Alas now quiver empty, never arrowed. Alas now for the last game, never now quarried. Alas now shall steed be lone and free of masters call!

O great hunter, come hither! Drink now, my friends and kin! Drink now to fleeting life! Drink now to a hunters lement!

Grass be now less trodden. Tree be now less climbed. River be now less crossed. Horse be now less saddled, now less riden!

And he who lays sight upon this worthy ruin at the end of his long life, asks himself. Whither hath horse riden? Now who shall fly arrow? Now whom brings feast and joy?

O great hunter, hear our singing, hear now our longing! Sing now to a hunters lament! Tall now is pyre, licking flames above. Now go! Go and flee home, we will go home. Across plain and river. Across forest and mountain. Your time hath gone as if it had never been. Lament now for hunter, lament now for kin.'


Many aquaintances, some friends, few close to his heart.


None of blood relation that live in Eriador. Spouse - Joy Roseberry of Bree.


None... He hopes.


His wife Joy. Hunting, riding, the smoking of a pipe and a good ale. Also, ofcourse, haughty cheer! He bares a certain love for the rustic Bree-ish way for life.


Rude folk!


To be home. Hopefully with his wife-man.


"Eoryn was naked in the kitchen.", "...if one fails to strike string upon harp, lyre and lute then one shall get nowhere. For music brings joy and hope!"

Drandr's Adventures

Drandr's Adventures

Drandr's Gallery

Drandr's Gallery