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Éadrandr the Northman


Carpenter, woodsman, handy-man and part-time horse breeder. Lousy husband.

AgeHe does not know specifically, but guesses late thirties.
ResidenceA modest home in Bree-Land which he shares with his wife and young son.

The Northlings

Outward Appearance



  Éadrandr stands before you tall, strongly built, with thick arms that end in rough work-worn hands - the left of which bare only 9 fingers. His aura and demeanor is that of a proud man, unabashed by his stature and strength, however he is not imposing and is careful not to lean over those lesser than his height. Nor does he flaunt his size like some warrior. Infact, despite his height and strength something tells you his is far from any warrior.


   Though a Northman of Wilderland, he has not blonde, nor fair hair but dark locks that adorn his weathered features. Silver-grey hairs are seen amongst the sea of dark, telling his of aging years. The only typical Northmannish feature would be, perhaps, his grey-blue eyes that seem heavy with worry foretelling a almost constantly captivated mind. Thick and scraggly sits a beard upon his jaw, almost never kept and almost always toyed with by his rough fingers. The forces of nature have worked their harrowing ways into his face, leaving some wrinkles and leaving his face a weathered patch-work of smooth and rough. Aside from these features, his face is plain. Not beautiful nor unsightly.


  His skin that can be seen is sun-kissed and worn. Though, like his kinsmen, his skin that is not open to the attacks of the elements is fair and pale. The garbs that cover him are worn and often thread-bare, but importantly they are fit for purpose. The leathers and cloths fit him comfortably and belie his profession. Clasped about his neck and draped down his back sits a thick cloak made of Kine-hide, water-proofed by animal fat - which often smells pungent in warm weather. The clasp is plain and made of poor quality silver, though it is in the shape of a stags-head.





Éadrandr the Northman
(Éad - Old English, 'Rich, fortunous'. Brandr - Old Norse, 'Blade')


  Born as one of the Northmen of Rhovanion within the wide Northern plains between the River Celduin and the River Carnen in the East. Éadrandr grew up in a small village a few leagues down-stream from Esgaroth that rarely saw outsiders, save Northmen from Dale and Lake-Town, the odd traveling Dwarf and sometimes even wine-merchants from Dorwinion. These men of the Plains - autonomously part of the Kingdom of Dale - retained their love for horses and, infact, share close kinship with the Men of the Mark - whom all share kinship with the ancient Princedom of Rhovanion. These folk love mirth, song, ale and share ancient lores of the Wilderland and that of their people and rarely, if ever, travel abroad further than the city of Dale.


The above map showing the location of the village, Viduward (Gothic: Widuwarda - "Forest-guard")


  In this theme, Éadrandr was typical. He loved nature, horses, hunting and wood-craft. He enjoyed tales, song and kinship. However, set within his heart was a deep wander-lust that was often rebuked by his family and fellow townsfolk. He reveled in the tales of anicent Vidugavia and the Wainriders. Growing up in the shadow of the Mirkwood, tales of great evils that lurked there only tempered his interest. Alas, though, came a Dwarven skald, named Gothidox, often to the village. The Dwarf's many stories and songs of far-flung lands and his escapades nurtured the young Northman's want to see other lands and venture further than the Mirkwood and the mountains of Mist beyond.


  Time came when the men of the village must take up the hunt of Béma and seek out the the great white-cattle - the Kine of Araw. Éadrandr was torn, for Gothidox had welcomed him to join him on his next venture Westwards. An argument ensued between Éadrandr and his father as a result Éadrandr did neither venture with the Dwarf nor join the huning party. A fatal accident during the hunting trip resulted in the death of his father. Aghast and distraught at the ending of the life of his father, he took up the Dwarf's offer.


  S​ome ten years later he found himself in Bree. After which he became mostly known as "Drandr the Northman" - since the Bree-folk found Drandr "much easier to say and much less fancy!". He is now a husband to his beloved wife-man Joy, a Bree-Lander and together they have a small boy named Hjortr (Old-Norse: Stag).

A Hunter's Lement

'Here is to the ending of arrow's flight. Here is to last vail of bright stars that clap kiss upon your eye for the last. Here is to Meade Oath fullfilled. Here is to the last search for twig and hewn buttercup!

Alas now shall bow remain unstrung, never tense. Alas now quiver empty, never arrowed. Alas now for the last game, never now quarried. Alas now shall steed be lone and free of masters call!

O great hunter, come hither! Drink now, my friends and kin! Drink now to fleeting life! Drink now to a hunters lement!

Grass be now less trodden. Tree be now less climbed. River be now less crossed. Horse be now less saddled, now less riden!

And he who lays sight upon this worthy ruin at the end of his long life, asks himself. Whither hath horse riden? Now who shall fly arrow? Now whom brings feast and joy?

O great hunter, hear our singing, hear now our longing! Sing now to a hunters lament! Tall now is pyre, licking flames above. Now go! Go and flee home, we will go home. Across plain and river. Across forest and mountain. Your time hath gone so swift. Lament now for hunter, lament now for kin.'


Author's Notes:

 A note about "Éadrandr" and it's etymology. (Éad - Old English, 'Rich, fortunous'. Brandr - Old Norse, 'Blade'). First noticed is the mixing of two languages, while an Old English pre-fix and an Old Norse suffix would not have exited historically, even if "éad" and "brandr" where placed together it would probably more resemble "Éadbrand".  However, the language spoken by the Northmen during the WotR and Third Age is resembled by mostly Old Norse (as seen by names, especially those used by Dwarves). Tolkien used Anglo-Saxon/Old English to represent the Rohirrim, who were related to the Northmen of Rhovanion (and infact Rohirrim where counted amongst the Northmen). This was was to represent a shift in culture and progess, as well as geography. So when naming this character I decided to use a mix of the two to represent the late times of the Third Age, shifting in culture and geography (away from Dale) amongst the wider flung communities of the Northmen.

About Drandr's village. The village Viduward (Gothic: Widuwarda - "Forest-guard") is entirelly made up, as is the people of this village and I have taken some liberties with it's lore. However, while depopulated the plains between the River Running and Carnen where home to Northmen and were under the Kingdom of Dale. It can only be assumed that these people where alot more rustic than those of Dale or Lake-Town, it can also be assumed due to the wide-expanses and pastures horse-breeding would still have been a key feature in daily life. The Rohirrim and the Northmen of Rhovanion share a common ancestor who loved horses and horse riding.




About the Player:

Proud Founder Account holder and Pre-Launcher of LOTRO (4/2007). Been playing and RP'ing in LOTRO since Beta and release. Have been an avid JRR Tolkien fan since a very young age and I enjoy the more niche aspects of the lore. The above character being an example. Please feel free to PM me here or ingame if you wish to get in contact or RP! Thanks.

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Many aquaintances, some friends.


Spouse - Joy & Son - Hjortr Dirk Roseberry


None... He hopes.


Mirth, music and ale. Drandr enjoys modest company and simple talk, though he enjoys to recite tales of the Northmen. He has a soft spot for nature and the wild.


So called "heroes" and those that garb themselves in metal and arm themselves to the teeth when standing in the Prancing Pony... Just standing.


To be a good husband and father. Most of all, however, to be home in Wilderland...


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