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Gwaedhiell Hestien



AgeMid twenties.


Outward Appearance

The individual before you is tall and fair as are many maiden's of Gondor.  She stands at 6'2 with a slender yet healthy frame.  Her hair is a rich brown it can either be found swept up into a dignified bun or flowing gently at her hips.  Ocean blue eyes rest on a lightly tanned face.  Thin red lips that are often quick to smile at those near her an air of confidence is always present.  But within her eyes there is a strength that is just daring to be challenged.  One can often see a curious sword at her hip, it seems to be of elven origin.  It gleams like a sea of glass, the blade called Maiden's Tear.  If one were to inspect it closely there would be an inscription in Sindarin.   Reading 'For every drop of blood that is shed. A maiden's tear falls.'   Her attire varies depending on the situation.



Born in Dol Amroth this woman sported an educated childhood filled with minor lords and ladies.  Her family being amongst them.  However she never had been close to her Mother or Father.  To them she was but a lovely symbol of the Hestien name.  Nothing but a puppet within their hands.  The youngest of two brothers in which carried the greater weight.  One night she slipped out quietly and has wandered Eriador ever since.  Keeping her origins to herself and hoping to find a new purpose in a crumbling and war torn world.  She is a woman that allows her actions to speak for her.  Believing that respect is not meant to be earned by mere titles.  It is given by the weight of one's character. 

{{​Birthplace has been changed to fit a current story-line.}}



Few she has called friend and even fewer are worthy of that title. But one that she can say she has a fondness for would be Kristophor.


Brother:Edallos Brother:Lelland


Servants of the Eye and those that think she is weak simply because she is a woman.


Watching the sun come over the horizon in the morning, wandering freely without any cares, a fair sparring match. Her blade. She has a fondness for Elves and respects them greatly. Kristophor.


Ale, being lonely, cold nights and watching others suffer.


Currently to restore old friendships and perhaps create new ones.


"I roam freely and go as I please" "Yes, I am a woman and yes indeed I carry a blade, I would like to say I could use it quite well too." "Hail stranger you are well met." "Respect is earned, not merely given. If you learn that good things shall follow." "I am a woman in a wide, wide world I seek to find what's in it." "Gondor was my home and still is within my heart. Great is her beauty and her white towers will forever haunt my mind until I return." "Wanderlust is not easily cured." "A curious mind shall always grow." "My blade is true. Take care that you do not raise my ire, for it will bring me no joy to cut you down. A maiden's tear shall be shed."

Gwaedhiell's Adventures

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Gwaedhiell's Adventures

Gwaedhiell's Gallery

Gwaedhiell's Gallery