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Return to the Barrow Downs (Part 1)

Aallan, mounting his steed Longfellow, held the parchment with an odd seal: a white hand with a red eye in the palm.  He let out a sigh through his nose, as he recounted the conversation he had with the elf maiden Cesistya just a while before, starting the journey outside of Bree-town.  Thirty minutes of riding off the roads passed him by, bringing him to the pass into a hilly valley, almost devoid of animal life, with the exception of an occasional scavenger.  

As he brought Longfellow to a trot, he could hear something akin to the hooves of another horse.  He reached the top of the border between north and south barrows, before electing to hide both man and horse in the thick brush, behind large stones.  He could only help but peek outside, witnessing ten men on foot, with half of them wielding blades, a quarter holding clubs, with the rest possessing bows (crossbow or longbows).  In addition, they were dressed just as any bandit in Bree-Land would be if to prepare for battle or intimidation.  The man on a horse, on the other hand, was dressed in a black and dark red robe, with an emblem of a red eye on his chest.  Beneath the hood, his lower face was concealed by a black mask. 

Once Aallan saw them pass by him, he ordered Longfellow to remain at the spot, electing to creep down the pathways, keeping his distance behind the group of evil men.  Minutes pass of this fashion, before arriving to an isolated barrow, where the robed man, waved his hand to the stone door.  Aallan did not see much of this, as he hid behind yet another stone, only peeking out once every few seconds, as to not raise the ire of the armed men.  Once the band entered the tomb, he followed behind....