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Aldarons Hunters

Founding date October 25, 2013
Goal To unite the foresters, hunters, guides, and other wilderness workers
Main area of operations Breeland
Kinship type Mixed
Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)

Hartson, Ginto


   Aldaron's Hunters is a group of local Breelanders whose occupations frequently take them into the woods and wilds beyond Breetown in search of timber, hides, or other resources, or work as guides for travelers who do not know the land. They might also work as scouts, or lightly armored caravan guards or food suppliers. Due to the dangerous times, a few have decided to join together and work as a group for better safety, and the chance to work on larger jobs like supplying construction crews with food for the duration of the building, and so on.

OOC: It is a medium/heavy RP kin, preferring Hobbits and Race of Man* characters who are either Hunters or Wardens played as woodsmen, basically. Instead of a Hunter played as a military archer with chainmail and uniforms, Hunters in this kin would be played more of a wilderness traveller in leather armor with no uniform. Wardens would be similar, except hunting with spears instead of bows. 

 Crafting also plays an important RP role, since the character's vocation is how the Breelanders make their living. Explorer and Woodsman are the best two Vocations that fit, but one with prospector could likely work as well. 

*Should a Dwarf happen to live in Breeland for a long time doing one of these occupations, that character will probably be included as well. 


Ginto Ginto Fenharel Man
Hartson Hartson Arrowroot Man

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