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Brigands of Bree


Founding date December 2012
Goal To have a fun, friendly environment beneficial to those who enjoy playing the more dastardly folk in Eriador. We also would like to draw more role-play into the countryside/roads of Bree-land.
Main area of operations Bree-town and Bree-land.
Kinship type Man

Very few, The Dourhands being one of them for the time being.


Bree-town Watch, Combe-town Watch, and numerous others.

Kinship status Active and recruiting
Recruiting Officer(s)



About Us:

        A group of mature, sensible players with great disdain for all Out of Character drama and poor RolePlay. We hold ourselves to our rules of conduct and seek to solve any disputes among members or other players in a mature, responsible way.  Our standard of RolePlay, while not perfect, generally seeks to follow a style in which players are expected to play their character within believable bounds of the lore established in the Lord of The Rings universe, strong motivations which drive said character, and able to articulate their character's actions/ words with a fair command of grammar and spelling.

        Our kin welcomes both American and European players and is predominantly English speaking. We understand that players have far more important responsibilities in real life than the game, and do not wish our members to conform their schedules to that of the Kin's if it is ever at odds with their responsibilities/life in general.

        While the kinds of characters in our kin vary, they mostly stick within the lowlife spectrum of bandits, thieves, highwaymen, or within shades of grey like that of sellswords, shady traders(fences), and many other self motivated, wealth driven folk. A player's character may vary wildly with in their own morality, some lean more on the side of good, other more towards evil, but the kin as a whole remains staunchly in the middle of the fight between good and evil. The kin's organization "In Character" is fairly chaotic and disorganized( as a batch of bandits/outlaws should be) whereas "Out of Character," we are fairly well organized as players.

        If you are interested in joining our merry band of miscreants,  read over our rules of conduct and contact one of our recruiting officers, or simply apply on our website. If you would like to know something specific or have questions, please message our current leader: Blackbent

Rank system

  • Recruit - A player who is involved with the kin in an OOC basis, and has yet to have their character join the group via role play, or event.
  • Kinsman - A player who is both involved with the kin in an OOC basis and has their character involved as a member of the kin.
  • Provost - A Kinsman who has proven themselves as an active, mature player, who abides by and supports our kin rules on a consistent basis.


Brigands of Bree Rules of Conduct.

1.Members are to respect other players and conduct themselves in a mature manner in order to ensure a fun, friendly environment for all.

2.Drama will not be tolerated.

3.God emoting will not be tolerated.

4.Vulgarity in the kin chat must be kept at a minimum, if not at all.

5.There must be a complete separation between in character (IC) and out of character (OOC).

6.Members are expected to have a decent grammar, spelling, and punctuation proficiency, namely while role playing.

7.Characters and RP must be within believable bounds of the lore established in the Lord of the Rings universe.

Breach of these rules will result in either a warning, expulsion from kin, or demotion. Depending on severity of the offense.



Ashenne Ashenne Blackrush Man
Blackbent Blackbent, Michael Man
Calilla Calilla Yishai, "Spider Queen." Man

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