New Developement

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Dear Journal,

I write this entry on several pages of parchment and a half used pencil I managed to barter off of the barkeep here in the Forsaken Inn. He's a rather grim fellow, but so are most in this rather dire establishment. You would think a folk so serious and stern would've had the common sense to patch up the gaping hole in the roof! Ah, but it's no matter. I suppose they'll warm up to me and my clever wit in no time at all.

Old Forest

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Screenshot: Event screen

The green clad Ruadan awaits the arrival of Merai who brings news. They have chosen to meet in the old forest at an encampment they used sometimes.

No Aid

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The sun had traveled past its noon mark when Lhachiel passed the first stones of the ruins. Her arrival had hailed some isolated warm greetings, yet predominantly raised eyebrows, the latter among those who had only heard, not ever crossed path with her. The sight of a woman bearing arms as readily as the men congregated within these ruins, was an unusual one, and Lhachiel was all too aware of this while trying not to show any signs of unease.

Report: Attack on Members of the Bree Defense

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Official Document

This evening 3 to 4 men in hooded cloaks and bearing crossbows fired from the roof of the armory across the town hall at Billium Cutting, Thomas Bristlebrush and Bill Cornman. All the men belong were struck with bolts, Bristlebrush and Cornman died at the scene and Cutting is being treated by a healer at the jail. His injuries are several and one of them very severe, a puncture to the ribs by a bolt.

The Watch: Recollections of the Vale: Part 2

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Corrben and the other scouts crept up on the camp site. The southerners were sitting on crates, drinking stolen ale and smoking stolen pipeweed. There had been a raid on a Staddle farm and likely this was some of the booty. He crouched, his spear gripped in his hand, feeling a trickle of sweat down the back of his neck. There were three men, including one of those squinty eyed ugly bastards who were notoriously cruel and good fighters. The other was a woman, though it was hard to tell if she was young because her face was lined and dirty, hard from poverty and war. 

The Watch: Recollections of the Vale: Part 1

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"How long do you think it'll take them  brigands to find our hideout and kill us all?" Brittleleaf pondered as he scraped the whetstone along the blade, "I've got a whole gold coin that says three days, what about you?"

Oakdale hunched his shoulders, "How are you going to collect on that debt? I say two more days tops." 

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